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Interview with: Ganapathy V, Microscopic City Surveillance

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There is a heightened sense of awareness about safety and security all over the country now. An increasing number of companies offering surveillance technologies – each more advanced than the other. Vandana Joshil speaks to Ganapathy V, Chief Executive Officer, Micro Technologies (India) Ltd – global developer and marketer of security devices to know more about the market trend and the company’s latest offering – Micro Eye.

Latest trends in the Security industry in India

The demand for surveillance products and solutions is increasing by the day. However, mere monitoring does not provide complete security. CCTVs need to be integrated with sophisticated software to provide intelligent security. Video analytic software that can raise an alarm on suspicious movements, on tampering, on unauthorised entry, etc. is the need of the hour.

A plethora of products such as an under vehicle surveillance system that can scan the chassis of the vehicle in real time, an explosive detector that can not only detect blood, diamonds, explosives, RDX, ammunition and drugs but also detect the person carrying even the slightest traces of it are being introduced in the market. Micro Technologies is at the forefront of introducing new-age products. Security products such as Micro Eye, etc. are sure to be well-accepted by the security market.

What are the common security devices installed in heavy traffic areas and are they sufficient?

CCTV cameras and IP video surveillance systems are some of the most common security devices that are installed in heavy traffic areas. However, considering that the threat to public safety is increasing by the day, we are of the opinion that these security devices are not at all sufficient to monitor traffic. The number of vehicle thefts has risen alarmingly over the last few years. Very few of these cases are solved. Therefore, there is a dire need to infuse more high-end security products to monitor traffic at high-risk areas. Apart from this, new-age security products are needed to monitor traffic conditions (accidents, incidents, construction work, etc.).

Enclosed spaces such as malls, temples, hospitals, multiplexes and even parking areas have been subjected to increased security threats in the recent past, and these places do not have adequate security arrangements in place to handle such invasions.

What are some of the solutions?

The terrorist attack in Mumbai and Pune exposed the lack of enough security measures, and it is high time such public spaces are adequately prepared to prevent such attacks in the future. Even educational institutes have been grappling with security issues of late. Spread over a vast area of land, a leading university in the country recently was embroiled in a spate of malpractice issues. It has been observed that security arrangement at the university in question was found to be lacking seriously. We have recently signed a contract with the University to supply CCTV cameras. Installation of security cameras will help curb malpractices at universities. These products can also find applications in a parking lot. CCTV cameras backed with Video Analytics can be used to detect thefts or even the presence of trespassers in such areas. Besides this, Micro Technologies’ security solutions such as Micro ISS (Intelligent Surveillance System), Micro ERS (Emergency Response System) and Micro SCT (Secure Communication Terminal) can go a long way in securing such places with high traffic.

We recently launched ‘Micro Eye’, the first combo product to offer both security and surveillance in one unit. It comes with in-built hardware like night vision cameras, digital video recorder, gas & fire sensors, smoke detector, and door & remote sensors. Since it is a web-based application, it allows registered users (Individuals & organisations) to log in with their bona fide credentials. Organisations can create a log-in for multiple users in their branches/retail outlets and can monitor several of their offices from a single location. Micro Eye detects motion and then notifies the registered user instantly via SMS or email or both in case of intrusion or any untoward incident such as a gas or faucet leak or a fire break-out. It plays the alarm at the first sign of smoke so that the occupants get time to escape. Micro Eye’s sirens help to indicate the presence of unwanted intruder in the premise who can be nabbed and detained. Its video recordings can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

The user can opt to group DVR in terms of location. It can play the alarm at the first sign of smoke so that the occupants get time to escape. Micro Eye renders security that protects the premise against break-ins and vandalism. It has the facility to delete unwanted motion detection videos. It also provides key fob remote that makes operating various sensors as easy as changing a channel on the television.

What are your company’s plans for the future?

As mentioned earlier, we are focusing more on City Surveillance projects. We want to create Security awareness about the importance of security throughout the globe. We are present in 30+ countries today and we want to enter the other geographies of the world to meet their security requirements with innovative Security Solutions by Micro Technologies.

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