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Modernistic Office Design

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Supertech is one of India’s leading developers. In its Gurgaon office, the company wanted to showcase its brand image. The designer of the project, Anshuman Bhargava, Director & Creative Head, The Blue Leaves Design Group gives a brief.

The office, approximately 10000sqft at the seventh floor of the Iconic Signature Towers in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR was to announce Supertech’s presence into Gurgaon. The client wanted their office to showcase their brand philosophy and was one of the reasons for the office location in a building that is the most recognizable landmarks in the city.

The design concepts finalized were ‘Scaling New Heights’, ‘Vanguard’ and ‘Real Estate Development’. ‘Scaling new heights’ represented the ambitious nature of the group — wanting to do larger and bigger and better projects. ‘Vanguard’ represented modern, cutting edge technology and aesthetic. ‘Real Estate Development’ meant that the interiors should convey the look and feel of a developer. Also, red is a prominent colour in their branding and logo and other offices. However, we did not want to overdo it – thus, the monochromatic colour scheme with tinges of red.

Scaling New Heights:

The element of verticality and linearity needed to be stressed to make the office look larger than what it was. Since the office space was longer in width, it became even more essential to balance it with vertical elements. Hence the columns were painted red for the same and to highlight the underlying structural layer. Wall paneling was given an asymmetric energetic robust design to represent the dynamic and ambitious nature of the group. To make the office appear bigger, partition walls were treated in glass at the tops to have the ceiling appear as one continuous layer. Similarly floor carpets were chosen and laid to highlight the linearity of the spaces and stretch the space so to speak. Strip lights — besides being great task lights — were incorporated into the ceiling end to end. This made the ceiling appear longer and sleeker.


Lots of new and innovative materials were used in the scheme like large format vitrified tiles, lacquered glass with graphics and feature wall ceramic tiles. At the reception, a touchscreen interactive video wall was installed to run walkthroughs and presentations of projects. Ceilings in various shapes and materials like wood and MDF were hung to give a floating feeling and make the spaces look lighter and sleeker. Strip lights, recessed and hung offered the principal task lighting source for workstations and executive tables. The entire cafeteria was created on a foldable format i.e. when required the tables and counters can be folded to turn the cafeteria into a training room. All the furniture and desks are from China and were chosen for sleekness and thinness of form.

Real Estate Development

To represent the real estate development, being the primary concern of the office and the group – forms, planes and surfaces were configured to represent the varying elements in a cityscape. The variety of materials and graphics gives one a fair indication of the nature of the business.



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