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Modular Energy System

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The German company Emamidesign has developed an innovative way to harness the power of wind. Interlocking, compact windmills combine to make the Windflock energy system, capable of powering devices and buildings large and small. The three dimensional system can be modified to accommodate all sorts of differing shapes and volumes required by users.

Since the mini-windmills are built with standard rods and connections, the connecting proves to be very easy and straightforward, as simple as putting together Legos, which makes the units widely accessible for buyers of varying skill levels. The system like a windmill, has the wind turbines to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electronic energy which can be used for power supply. Depending on the desired quantity and overall structure of the plant, two, three, four or five connections are used. And the final display is quite stunning, resembling the synchronized formation of birds overhead.

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