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Mood Lighting

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ENRG, a consumer lifestyle electronics company launched two new ambient mood lights, the ENRG Prism and the ENRG Jugnu. The lights turn the colour from white to 256 different shades of RGB LED light using smart technology. The Prism is fitted with 9 watt LED bulb and can slip in any standard CFL light socket. It comes with a microchip and can be controlled using the remote device. The remote with feather touch controls can wirelessly connect up to 20 LED bulbs simultaneously. The lights can also be controlled using your smartphone, running both on Android and iOS, via the app and the smart router. The mobile app smart router can wirelessly connect up to 100 LED simultaneously. Prism without a remote will only emit white light.

Prism comes in the shape of a standard bulb and can be used as a white light anywhere as the main light or for mood lighting with its soft colour changing hue. The lights have life of 50,000 light hours or 10 years. The LED bulbs are heat protective due to the Heat Sink design of the body. Jugnu is a five-watt table top mood light in the shape of an UFO, powered by two AAA batteries and emits soft light to enhance mood.

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