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Net Zero Furniture

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Heating and cooling are no longer exclusively an architectural issue, but one that can be tackled with smart furniture design. Designers Raphaël Ménard and Jean – Sébastien Lagrange presented an entire series called Zero Energy Furniture, at the 2015 Milan Design Week that can “store a large quantity of thermal energy within a small volume.”

The first in the series, elegantlooking Climatic Table can regulate indoor temperatures by storing heat and increases energy savings by up to 60% for heating and 30% for cooling. Made from solid oak and corrugated anodized aluminium, the secret to the table’s energy-efficient performance lies in the innovative use of phase-change materials (PCM) integrated between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of anodized aluminum. The top is made from solid oak which has great thermal qualities while, folded aluminium sheets placed on the underside have high conductivity and great structural properties.


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