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New age Waterproofing

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In olden days, when there was enough lime content available in the concrete, mortar etc, structures kept on achieving strength even up to 25/30 years. Hence we see 50-100 year structures still very much stable. Today with minimal or near zero floating lime molecules, the life span of the building itself is 30 years, says Rajpal Navalkar, CEO and Executive Director, Thermoshield India.

The building Industry has witness ed many changes in terms of techniques, materials and advent of Green ratings and sustainable buildings. In the methodology followed by conventional builders, waterproofing has never been a major concern. For example, a leading Software giant faced a problem in their facility when it used quarry dust instead of river sand in a project in Pune. The leaks started on the fourth floor and travelled to the ground floor. I did an extensive survey and submitted a report which squarely laid the blame on the recipe for making RCC and the building blocks used by them.

Thus, as the ingredients of materials used in construction are going through a change, an innovative approach and products are required. Some of the changes that have occurred in the construction materials are:

  • Lesser lime content in cement and more fly ash content, leads to higher heat of hydration and lesser compaction of RCC and WC ratios going haywire.
  • The shortage of river sand, substituted by M sand or quarry dust, causes the issues of brittle concrete and porosity increase in the mass.
  • Deteriorating quality of red bricks results in most brick bat coba work, disintegrating within a few years, resulting in high water seepage from roofs and bathrooms.
  • Solid cement blocks, Flyash blocks, ACC blocks, all have a limitation when it comes to traverse of water through them.

To address these i s s u e , Thermoshield India has introduced newer products and technologies. In addition, to maintaining the quality and workmanship, the company outsource its manufacturing to a known technocrat in conjunction with the technical inputs from the company. The stress always was on water soluble products and high VOC solvents were never used.

Critical areas where we lay stress on:

  • Ad Mixes for strengthening concrete, improving the WC ration, higher compaction of concrete and crystallization of concrete itself
  • 1-component and 2-component waterproofing compounds that can be spray, brush or roller applied with minimal set or curing time
  • Admix for mortar to make it more flexible and water resistant
  • Impermeable polymerized bitumen in liquid form, pure acrylics
  • Kool range of paints, interior and exterior
  • High albedo roof coatings with a genuine SRI rating
  • Made to order solutions to treat specific problems, be it climatic or retrofitting old buildings




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