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New construction chemicals

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MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd. products Emcoril AC is an acrylic emulsion based membrane forming curing compound and Zentrival PL is a specially formulated adhesive for fixing of ceramic, other tiles and insulation boards.

Emcoril AC is to be brushed or sprayed on the fresh concrete only once at initial stage which is the critical hardening period of concrete or mortar. It forms a seamless film on the surface of the fresh cast concrete and mortars which arrests the evaporation of water from the capillaries and prevents quick drying of the concrete, thus avoiding the cracks and enabling the concrete to hydrate efficiently.

It should be applied as soon as possible after disappearance of water sheen from the surface. If the concrete is dry, it is recommended to fog down the surface before application.


  • Protects green concrete against burning by acute sunrays
  • Suitable, where early plastering is required
  • Optimum hydration leading to stronger end hydration products
  • Does not affect normal setting process of cement
  • Minimizes and heals shrinkage / microcracks at early stages of concrete setting
  • Suitable for overhead curing, inaccessible places & places having water shortages
  • Better solar reflectance lowering the concrete temperature
  • No need for removal before application of subsequent surface treatments

Zentrival PL is specially formulated for fixing of ceramic, other tiles and insulation boards by thin bed method and spot bonding method. The average bed thickness can be as low as 1.0mm and it replaces the conventional bed thickness of pat mortar of 15 to 20mm. The adhesive should be added to water (not reverse) to obtain paste like consistency and allowed to stand for about 10 minutes to begin the reaction before applying. The surface should then be combed with notched trowels to achieve savings in the material. The insulating boards like polyurethane, polystyrene boards etc. should be spot bonded.

Tiles need not be pre wetted and no batting of tiles is required thereby avoiding the breakage. Pre roughening of plaster is not necessary as tile adhesive adheres even to smooth surfaces and there is no wastage. The joints between the tiles can be grouted by using Zentrival FM, premixed, waterproof grout supplied in white colour that can be tinted to any matching shade by using universal stainers.

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