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New Generation materials

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MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd is the manufacturer of Dreitop FH/Suntop FH, the non-metallic, dry shake floor hardeners for high abrasion resistance in heavy rolling stress areas and Centrilit NC (nano-crystallizer), a pozzolanic concrete additive based on amorphous alumosilicate that apart from high uniformity also ensures a long-term availability.

Centrilit NC

It concerns a synthetically manufactured material, not an industrial by-product. Based on special nano-crystallizers, Centrilite NC has been recently developed. It improves the properties that are crucial for the durability of high-performance concrete. In addition to reducing chloride migration, an exceptional chemical and acid resistance of the high-performance concrete can be achieved with Centrilit NC. The concrete structure is simultaneously reinforced right down to nano scale, density is improved and compressive and flexural strength as well as abrasion resistance of the high-performance concrete is increased.

The unique properties of Centrilit NC can be utilised in all areas of ready-made and pre-cast concrete production that need high durability, e.g.: pre-cast concrete, HPC in the energy, wastewater and chemical industry. Due to high homogeneity and reduced tackiness compared with microsilica-based concrete, workability is improved significantly. In many instances this even enables the production of high-performance concrete that can be pumped. A distinct improvement of the building structure’s aesthetics is gained due to the fair appearance of the concrete surface. Centrilit NC performs over some of the disadvantages of Other Superfine Pozzolans:


• Graded for dispersion in concrete

• Graded particle size

• Optimizes mixing time within concrete

• Good dispersion reduces unreacted material in the mix and increases passivation by C-S-H gel on aggregate surface

• Reduces risk of Alkali Silica Reaction by Agglomeration of aluminosilicate particles


  • Increased compressive and flexural strengths
  • Reduced permeability (including chloride permeability), increased resistance to chemical attack and hence increased durability
  • Reduced potential for efflorescence, which occurs when calcium is transported by water to the surface where it combines with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make calcium carbonate, which precipitates on the surface as a white residue.
  • Reduced effects of alkali-silica reactivity (ASR)
  • Enhanced workability, better pumpabilty and finishing of concrete
  • Reduced shrinkage in concrete, due to “particle packing” making concrete denser by lightening the colour of concrete.
  • Endless quantities as it is a factory made homogenous product
  • Reduced dosage of superplasticizer

Dreitop FH / Suntop FH

Dreitop FH (Floor Hard) is a ready to use, non-metallic, floor and surface hardener based on very hard natural aggregates. This is to be applied by dry shake method in two operations, on freshly floated concrete or a compensatory mortar topping. It provides wear resistance to concrete surfaces thereby extending the service life of industrial, commercial and residential floors. The floors are rendered tough, wear resistant, dust free, physiologically harmless and above all durable and maintenance free. Dreitop FH provides the best abrasion resistant protection to concrete floor. It is suitable for a variety of industrial floors, warehouses, hangars etc where, durable, abrasion resistant flooring is required.

Dry-Shake Floor Hardeners (Dreitop FH, Dreitop FH Standard and Suntop FH) are suitable for application on both old floors and new floors. The application methodologies vary in both the cases.

Dreitop FH is a unique combination of selected cementitious binder modified by polymers (to impart the mix plasticity and high strength) blended with well-graded, cubical, natural hard aggregates. The grading is most critical and ensures maximum possible surface density. When applied, it provides a denser surface with lower permeability coupled with increased wear and impact resistance. It bonds monolithically to the base concrete and is suitable for old or new floorings and surfaces.

The greatest advantage of Dreitop FH over conventional metallic hardeners is the non-rusting property, which enables its use in wet rooms as well as for outdoor applications. Dreitop FH floors are able to withstand almost all types of mechanical stresses such as rolling, sliding, percussion, impact, abrasion etc. and are very economical when compared to alternatives like epoxies and other liquid plastics.


• Highly wear and abrasion resistant toppings which are non-dusting, non-slip and antiskid even in cases of oil spillages

• Suitable for interior and exterior applications, is waterproof and is physiologically harmless

• High density, requires minimum maintenance and is suitable for old floors, new floors and repairs

• Imparts increased strength, impact resistance and twice the abrasion resistance as compared to normal concrete floor.


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