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Next-gen Inverters

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Schneider Electric India has launched two products – Conext CL and Conext XW+. Conext CL is a new line of three-phase string inverters, while the new Conext XW+ is the next-generation version of the Conext XW hybrid inverter. Both products come from Schneider Electric Solar Business.

Conext CL is a lightweight 45-kg inverter with detachable 16-kg wiring box that makes mounting easy and fast. It offers high flexibility and high ROI of98.4% peak efficiency, providing customers maximum energy harvest from their solar plants and high reliability with electrolyte-free design that works in harsh environment too.

Conext XW+, a hybrid inverter is specifically designed for backup power for homes and businesses, residential retrofit of grid-tie solar with backup, residential self-consumption, off-grid homes and businesses, community electrification and micro-grids.


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