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Nitco Tiles: Setting Trrendss

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What is the current scenario of Ceramic Tiles market in India? What are the factors triggering the growth?

The domestic market of ceramic tiles in India has undergone a vast change, with vitrified tiles now constituting half of the total tiles market. Currently, India is one of the top three largest producer of tiles in the world. Although India produces around 6% of the world’s ceramic tiles, heavy domestic consumption has limited export volumes to very limited levels. However, this is expected to change soon, with the country expected to produce 15% surplus ceramic tiles in year 2029, and ‘Make in India’ will only add to this prospect.

Wood tones in flooring

Tiles that look like wood are currently in trend and manufacturers have perfected the grain patterns. Formerly seen predominantly in retail stores and restaurants, wood-look tiles are now gaining popularity as the tile of choice for homes and commercial spaces too. The scans of natural wood samples, inkjet & digital printing and realistic surface texture have made wood-grain tile look nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. This flooring design takes wood grain and flips it around to show the tree ring edge of the wood. It’s a really interesting, new take on wood. Eg: NITCO’s Pine, Cedar, Alder, Aspen, Maple, Oakwood, Larch and Wenge series etc.

Patterns with Panache

This consists of tile treatments with the look of carpeting and fine-tuned floors comprising of framed tiles apart from tiles which are aligned in book-page fashion to create a unique pattern. Eg: NITCO’s Casa & Trulife collection

What are technological innovations in ceramic tiles?

Nitco is among the top premium tile companies in India. Vivek Talwar, CMD, Nitco Ltd speaks to Buildotech about the brand’s products, innovations and the future trends.

Thanks to the technological innovations today, ceramic tiles are available in various colours, textures and finishes. The range in the market goes from designer or artistic ones, to hand-painted varieties, ones that look like marble and granite.

With the introduction of modern technology in designing and manufacturing, the market has opened new segments such as 3D tiles, germ-free tiles and artistic designer tiles.

As far as designer variants are concerned, NITCO is truly the brand to reckon with. It’s high definition digital printing technology is a breakthrough in the Indian tile market. Our Digital printing ensures high-resolution, multilayer printing as fine as nanometer grade on flat as well as curved or textured surfaces. The technology also ensures uniform, edge-to-edge printing thus creating a seamless look. We use this technology for both vitrified-and ceramic-based tiles with our brands. Our high abrasion-resistant glaze composition not only gives the perfect aesthetics for one’s space but also lifelong protection to the floor. Additionally our large format tiles in 600×1200 have the highest breaking strength in the industry.

We have also been the first pioneers to introduce a perfect Amalgamation of Roto and Digital printing technology (Estilo, Tortora and Unika series) in India which gives two dimensional design printing as well as the Dry Decoration process giving the tile perfect natural stone finish and a slight shimmer of natural slate on surface. It also enhances the strength and scratch resistance of the product.

What are the company’s immediate future plans?

NITCO has contributed by constantly endeavouring to give consumers the best, by curating designs that are technologically impressive and products that are aesthetically appealing.

As a brand we are known to be “Innovators and Trend Setters”. Our Magnified Collection takes this legacy forward with introduction of 3 new tiles finish (Barnio, Enamelia, Sugar) in the market. Besides, today, all the major tiles manufacturing companies, including us have adopted an asset-light strategy for future growth that is a joint venture (JV) model. This has eased the competition between organized and unorganized players and facilitated growth. Also the burden of heavy capital investment has reduced, enabling us to focus on operating costs.

We shall be focusing on educating the customer on various aspects. Our products are not only of good material and good craftsmanship but also embody beauty, history and most importantly outlive fleeting trends. What sets us apart is the very fact that we have always invested in the best available technology and machinery. With tremendous scope in rural market, we shall also be focusing on building efficient distribution network to expand our reach. Also reaching out to sub dealers is vital.

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