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Noken Vitrified Private Limited Looking for Innovative Design and Finishes

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Noken Vitrified is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of vitrified tiles, double charge vitrified tiles, nano polished tiles etc. Paresh Aghara, CMD, feels that the current trend is for bigger slab tiles.

Tiles market growth and potential

India is a gifted land in terms of sourcing raw materials. It is easy to get the primary materials required for manufacturing tiles in Morbi. Transport facility is very good here, which connects major states. Physical assets like skilled labour are easily available. Various energy resources such as electricity, gas, and coal are available in plenty. Besides, urbanization is at its peak right now due to which sectors like retail, housing and IT & BPO are booming, in turn benefiting the economic outlook of the country. All these parameters work in synergy to flourish the growth of the ceramic industry.

At present, 680 million sqmt of production is done in ceramic industry annually. If we focus on the segregated figures, we can notice that Wall tiles hold 20% of slot, floor tiles account for 23%, Vitrified tiles capture 50% of the margin and remaining 7% goes to the credit of Industrial tiles.

Envisaging the future, it can be said that the industry holds supreme potential and can grow manifold in terms of production and market share.

Current Trends

Currently, indoor and outdoor décor aesthetics pay primary attention to tiles and its associated significance. Preferences of different people can be understood in the following format:

Designs loved by customers have a vivid reflection of nature, stone, geometry and parquet palette.

People these days prefer tiles that are of rustic, matt, wooden and stone finish.

Neutral colors are mass-favourite in this day and age. The super clean or cool greys are really sought after. People’s inclination towards bigger slab tiles is increasing too.

Natural stone and wood ingrained tiles are indeed blessings of modern technology and are gaining momentum in the market as they provide soothing effect.

New Technology

Digital printing is the latest technology in the ceramic industry. In this, digital techniques are used to print data and images from a computer onto the tile. The technology has CMYK at its backbone. CMYK forms four colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colors come together in various manners to create virtually any color needed. It is useful for both ceramic and porcelain tiles. It is the first choice of manufacturers for developing tiles as it can produce countless tiles that too of high quality with infinite variations of patterns and decorations. Less use of materials, less wastage, and less production time makes this technology ideal. Currently, the market is observing multiple innovations in terms of variety of designs and finishes and also in terms of sizes as today large slab tiles are also available.

Quality, most important

We always provide excellent quality tiles and never compromise in terms of quality and set standards. As of now, our main focus is on developing 1000mm x 1000mm Double Charge tiles. In Morbi, there are good laboratories to keep a check on raw materials and quality of tiles. Our Association imposes the duty on Chinese products so as to have stability in the Indian market. It looks into each and every factor responsible for the growth of the Indian tile industry.

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