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Northern Lights watch from the floating snowflake hotel

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Set to be built in Tromso in Norway, Krystall Hotel will be a glass-roofed floating building wedged between two fjords. Developed by Dutch Docklands, a company that specializes in the construction of floating structures, the Krystall hotel will be a luxury property and one of the best places in the world from which to see the Northern Lights.

The development of a luxury hotel in Norway’s Arctic region is an unusual occurrence, and it is Krystall’s limited impact on the local landscape that has allowed its construction to go ahead. The hotel is marketed by Waterstudio as a “scarless development” that can be removed in the future without any long-term visual impact to the locality in which it was placed.

Construction of the 86-bedroom hotel is expected to start in mid-2015, with the hotel due to open about 18 months later. It will be built in sections in a wharf and towed into position. Inspired in part by the floating houses already in the Netherlands, the property will be built with a concrete base and tethered with cables to the adjacent fjords. The lack of firm foundations mean the complete structure could sway from between six to 10 feet to each side of its epicenter but guests should be oblivious to these gradual shifts in position.

In addition to observing the Northern Lights, guests will have access to the expected attributes of a five-star hotel, managed by a luxury hotel group. Should the development of Krystall keep to schedule it should be the first floating hotel to operate in Europe.


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