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Novel Construction Materials

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Founded in Bangalore in 2001, Thermoshield India Pvt Ltd (TIPL) is a green minded construction solutions company. Apart from its flagship product Kool Coat for the roofs, it specializes in thermal insulation coatings, waterproofing, eco solutions, engineered eco flooring solutions and speciality building products. Green Build Products GBP (P) Ltd, Pune is a strategic partner of TIPL.

Buildfast/Ecorender/Green repair and Green grout are products of GBP (P) Ltd distributed by TIPL in South India as of now. These products are replacements for cement+ Sand Based products like mortars, plasters, renders, fillers etc. They have 70% recycled material, save water and are stronger than conventional products. The products have been approved by IGBC and Eco Housing and are patented in 14 countries now.

Build Fast Plus

Build Fast plus is a ready to use, wet mix, eco-friendly, pre polymerized and self-curing adhesive for bricks and blocks of any kind (conventional red clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks and aerated concrete blocks). It is laid in thin layers of 2-4mm between masonry units and offers excellent bonding strength. It is a user friendly material that creates a bond stronger than the conventional mortar. There is no need to pre wet the bricks nor to post cure the wall with water. The product is available in a ready to use condition and does not need dilution with water or additives. It is designed to save water, labour and time needed for conventional construction practices.

Eco Render Plus

Eco Render plus is a ready to use, eco-friendly, pre- polymerized, self-curing wet mix plastering material that is suitable for all kinds of building facades – RCC, conventional red clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, siporex blocks etc. with excellent adhesion to the surface. It is applied in thin layers of 4-6mm on the surface and can be built into layer to layer system up to 24mm thickness. There is no need to pre wet the bricks nor to post cure the wall with water. It can be applied in various finishes to beautify walls and can be painted or coloured as per choice.

Green Grout

It is a thick paste coarse in nature, suitable to use in uneven gaps between beams and walls, columns and walls, holes in walls or any similar area. It is compatible with RCC, bricks/blocks, cementitious plasters, eco-rendered surface etc and holds them well without cracking.

Green Repair

It is a pre- polymerized, wet mix repair mortar, suitable to repair patches in new as well as old construction as it is compatible with both old and new plastered surfaces.



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