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Office space with highest Green Points

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The CISCO campus is designed with the primary objective of achieving transparency in the workplace environment. The porous setting of the buildings, the use of a clear glass skin, the openness of the central core and minimalist interiors ensure that the eye travels unhindered in all directions. In the heart of each of the office buildings is a naturally lit atrium located directly in front of the main entrance. The well-lit atrium lightens the perception of the building interior and lets the eye connect to the various floor levels. CISCO B16 is the sixth interior fit-out in the facility and the second to achieve LEED platinum certification within the campus.

En3 Sustainability Solutions are the green consultants for this building and have helped Cisco incorporate various innovative and green measures in the building including high efficiency HVAC systems with adiabatic cooling towers to save water, heat recovery systems, individual AC controls for more than 50% of the occupants to modulate their air conditioning requirements, energy efficient lighting systems with task based lighting and other innovative green measures.

Site Sustainability Features

  • Close proximity to public transportation and carpooling spaces within the premises minimize transportation pollution and strain on local infrastructure.
  • Provision of bicycles and shower facility for the staff reduces pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.
  • 53% of the base building on-site parking is located underground or under cover.
  • The project provides alternative-fuel fueling stations for 3.92% of the total parking capacity.

Water Efficiency

  • Low flow dual-flush toilets, sensor based urinals and other low flow fixtures reduce potable water consumption by 51.3%.
  • The base building landscaping and irrigation systems have been designed to reduce potable water consumption for irrigation by 100% from a calculated baseline case.
  • 100% of wastewater on-site to tertiary standard which is then reused on-site.

Energising The Building

  • Provision of high performance glazing, energy efficient HVAC design and lighting have contributed to energy savings of about 50.7% over conventional building and HVAC systems.
  • Selection of CFC free and HCFC free refrigerants avoids global warming and ozone depletion.
  • Light fixtures and efficient lighting design contribute to 38.92% of reduction in connected lighting power density over the base case of ASHRAE standards.
  • Daylight responsive controls have been installed in 100% of all regularly occupied spaces within 15ft of windows or under skylights.
  • ENERGY STAR-rated equipment and appliances equal to 84.2%, by rated power, have been installed on the project.
  • Metering equipment have been installed for monitoring the energy use in the building such as EB and DG energy monitoring, individual meters for common area lighting, lifts, chillers, pumps, office area lighting, power and AHUs independently for each tenant, measuring chilled water consumption for each tenant using BTU meters.
  • The project has a two-year purchase agreement to procure 50% (7,000,000 kWh per year) of the electricity for this project from renewable energy sources that meets the Green-e definition for renewable power.

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