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Old Bike transforms into Pedal-Powered Elevator

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Designer Ethan Schussler having to climb up and down a giant ladder to his treehouse, put an old bicycle to the test. He customized the bike to move along a giant chain thereby, transforming it into a personal elevator, which slowly rises to the treehouse’s entrance by pedaling. Schussler adjusted the bike’s gears by switching sprockets from the front wheel to the back, which gave enough tension to make a gear slow enough for hauling his own body weight up to the treehouse effectively. Anchored on the ground with a chain, the elevator is used by simply mounting the bike and pedaling. As the pedals turn, the user is lifted into air as if in flight. Once the person reaches the top, he can easily hook the bike along the treehouse wooden rail until ready to come down. Getting back down is the easy part with the gear tension tweaked so a slow, smooth descent makes for a safe return to the ground.



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