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One Component Membrane

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Dichtament DS2, the one component waterproofing system, for concrete, brick, masonry or cementbound surfaces by MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd is a combination of hydraulically setting pulverised material and selected polymers. It works on the principle of waterproofing by crystallization and forms an integral part of cementsubstrates. The crystalline penetration takes place by osmosis and the treatment penetrates concrete even against hydrostatic pressure.

The product imparts hydrophobic impermeability to water and dampness to coated surfaces that are efflorescence-free, resistant to moss & fungus growth and maintains the breathing properties of concrete. Due to excellent adhesion and thixotropic properties, vertical and inclined surfaces can be easily coated. It is resistant to alkalis and UV-rays and provides outstanding waterproof and damp-proof coat for concrete structures, brick and masonry works, cement renderings, plasters, Underground shafts and garages, retaining walls, tunnels, water tanks, roof slabs, sewers and basements etc. It can be used for resurfacing of bathrooms, cellar walls and floors exposed to dampness and attacks from moss and fungus. Foundation walls and footings subjected to ground moisture, water and salt efflorescence can also be well protected with coating of Dichtament DS2

Quick Stopper Plug

Another product by MC- Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd, a one component polymer modified, ready to use mortar for quick and permanent sealing of leakages is MC-Fix-ST. This is a universal waterproof quick leakage stopper and can be used anywhere, where a reliable and permanent leakage stopping is required even against the hydrostatic pressure. It can be used in basements, water tanks, underground structures, galleries, tunnels, dams, cellars, pipes etc.  Only water is to be added at the sites. The mortar plug develops very high strengths in 5 – 7 minutes and is stone hard. The product sets hydraulically within minutes without shrinkage.  The mortar is chloride free and does not saponify, thereby there is no loss of strength over the passage of time.

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