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Orchid Crown:Creating a Royal Ambience

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Orchid Crown, a project by Real Gem Buildtech Pvt Ltd, a group company of DB Realty Ltd aims to be as royal as its name. Buildotech spoke to Giampaolo Giardina-Director Engineering & Projects. The project is the first Gold certified residential building in Maharashtra State.

Comprising three high rise towers of 75 floors each, the site orientation of Orchid Crown allows all three towers similar views. The apartments are oriented towards north-west direction and with an ocean view. Making the kingship perceptible in all aspects of the project has been the main guideline while defining every single detail, the façade’s architecture, the position of towers, spaces distribution, wise use of volumes & heights and the choice of materials, colours and textures.

Self climbing formwork has been used in the project. Here, the system consists of a form work with ramping and climbing function. The other new technology utilized in the project is the Jump-lift technology. Each tower has ten elevators – eight passenger elevators and two service elevators. In two elevators from tenth level, the jump lift technology is used. Elevators fitted in the three towers will work almost twice the speed of normal elevators at 2.5mts per sec. During the construction phase, these elevators will be used for transporting labourers & materials and later after completion of the project for domestic purpose. After construction, the lift operations would be extended to every five floors. This will accelerate the vertical transportation and facilitate logistics of the project. DB Realty is the first developer using the Jump lifts system in a residential project.

Another noteworthy aspect of the project is the height of the ceilings which is more than 50% of the normal ceiling height. This was done mainly to imbibe a royal ambiance to each of the apartments. The apartment balconies and the height of the window is 3.5mts. This in turn means that the combination of the height of windows, balconies and amount of glass used results in 75% of apartment getting natural light.

A special German technology Solarlux has been used for the windows. It has high stability due to mounting posts between the folding panels. The system has a sunken ground rail which means that when the windows are opened, the rail sinks inside the floorings for barrier free living. It’s an obstacle free passage. In addition to this, 70mm aluminum elements with 24mm insulation bar glasses have sun protection and sound-proof properties.

There is a multi-level car parking of 600,000sqft. To make life easy for the occupants, all cars will arrive at the ground floor and instead of using ramps to go up; they will go up by lift. There are 10 car lifts, which will take the car to podium parking space. This system actually saves time, fuel and space.

Green Features

  • Erosion and Sedimentation control.
  • Brownfield redevelopment – It has electric charging stations for more than 3% of the car parks; storm water design efficiency, showcasing 60% decrease in storm water run-off quantity.
  • Water-efficiency – Water efficient landscaping, reducing 50% in water consumption and using only non-potable water from STP, and innovative wastewater technologies for the sewer treatment plant.
  • Energy and Atmosphere – To minimize energy performance, high efficient lighting and air-conditioning system are used. Reduction of CFC emissions and Ozone Depletion with non CFC based refrigerants and Halon free fire suppression system.
  • Usage of Nanotechnology paints which are non-toxic coatings system that can be achieve better energy ratings and better indoor air quality and reduce allergy–related illness.

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