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Otis India: Elevating passenger experience and safety

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Otis India installed its first elevator in Kolkata in 1892. Since then, the company has been introducing in the Indian market new technologies facilitating efficient vertical transportation. As part of the United Technologies group, Otis India offers smart and sustainable solutions to meet the country’s growing needs. Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India elaborates on the company’s innovative elevator solutions.

Sebi JosephWith Smart Cities and smart buildings, there is an increased need for innovations and smart & green technologies to support urban growth…

As urbanization drives the increased need for housing, the need for smart and efficient technologies to support growth will become a must. This is why there is an increasing demand for ‘green’ elevators, such as Otis’ Gen2™elevator with ReGen™ drive, which captures energy that would otherwise be wasted by the elevator and feeds it back into the building’s power grid. The Otis Gen2 elevator and ReGen drive combine to reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent under normal operating conditions, compared to conventional systems with non-regenerative drives.

Elevating passenger experience and safetyAs for existing elevators, they can be made energy efficient by adding the Variable Frequency Drives (VF drive) in the door system and elevator control system. VF drives regulate power and help with optimizing energy usage.

ReGen™ drives can additionally be fitted to an existing system. And auto-fan and auto-light switch off operations can also be adopted and LED lights can be used to replace tube lights inside the elevator car.

Otis is also working on developing smart elevators. A smart elevator is a connected elevator capable of communicating with passengers, building manager’s service staff and other building systems to improve the passenger experience and elevator performance, especially through improved elevator maintenance.

We think the next developments in elevator technology leverage digitalization. In Europe, Otis has launched its new, more connected elevator, which features its eView display, an in-car interactive system that can be used by building managers to broadcast information and supports interaction with elevator occupants if they are trapped, for example.

In addition, Otis is working with leading IT providers, including Microsoft and AT&T to develop its digital platform to enable its connected elevators of the future.

Elevating passenger experience and safety1The recent innovations from Otis include:

Compa™ Destination Management System – Using Otis’ patented technology, the system constantly evaluates real-time passenger traffic to improve flow and travel time in busy mid- and high-rise buildings. Instead of using standard hall call buttons, passengers register their specific floor in the lobby before they enter the elevator. The system assigns passengers traveling to nearby floors to the same car. This minimizes the number of stops per trip and significantly reduces car crowding as well as passenger wait and travel times. The technology has also been adapted to integrate with security systems. The optional Compass seamless entry is specifically designed to integrate building security and elevator-dispatching systems through various access devices.

The Gen2 Switch – This is an easy to install, single phase battery operated, elevator system that will be a boon to parts of India that suffer from frequent power cuts. Under normal running mode, the single-phase power supply charges a pack of batteries, which in turn supplies power to the elevator motor. So in the event of a power failure, a fully-charged battery pack can continue to operate the elevator up to a 100 trips in a seven story building thus eliminating the inconveniences of a power outage. It’s also simpler as it uses 230 volts single-phase power supply instead of conventional three-phase 400 volts power supply, thus making it “Plug & Go.” Additionally, the design coupled with its compatibility with alternative energy sources like solar panels makes it truly sustainable.

The Web-based EMS Panorama™ system enables building staff to monitor, control and manage a full range of operation-critical functions for an elevator from any computer with an internet connection. The EMS Panorama system offers comprehensive, real-time data that shows building managers the full picture, enabling them to respond quickly to passengers’ needs and make informed decisions about equipment operations with great certainty.

Elite™ Service is a priority service that goes beyond maintenance. Otis has invested in an extensive technological infrastructure to bring this new service offering and unparalleled benefits to customers. It offers customers faster response times and guaranteed uptime. Dedicated Elite Service engineers deliver enhanced service to minimize elevator downtime.

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