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Performance with style

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It is not uncommon to find Buildings with suspended ceilings that have warped or developed patches and waiting to be replaced. Replacements are expensive, cause work disturbances, have poor aesthetics and result in colour variations. The challenges to the ceilings are posed by high humidity condensation, water dropping from AC ducts and lack of performance in case of fire in the building.

Aerolite Light Weight Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles are manufactured using lime and silica, reacted under PLC controlled conditions of pressure and temperature in a digester to produce light weight calcium silicate gel, mixed with other natural fillers to manufacture Aerolite 2’x2’ ceiling tiles in Hydralic Press. These Tiles are conditioned in oven and cut to size and painted.


a) Humidity & Water Resistance: Aerolite ceilings can be used in all environmental conditions, even those subjected to high humidity up to 100RH and extremes of temperatures and condensation risks. The tiles do not lose integrity or shape due to condensation from A/C ducts or water leakage from the main ceiling. Having 100% RH resistance, Aerolite is also suitable for use in open verandahs, corridors, external canopies, stadiums, swimming pool areas, kitchens, saunas, wash rooms, non air-conditioned rooms, factory sheds and godowns.

To determine the right ceiling tile for any application first choose the exposure condition and then the allowable deflection class. Best tile as per EN 13964 is class 1 deflection at exposure condition D. Such tile is graded by the manufacturers as 1/D/ON as per EN standard 13964. 1/D/ON 1 indicates class 1 in deflection. D indicates exposure condition. ON indicates no load condition.

Under test condition with dropping water, “Aerolite” revealed no deflection that is measurable with Height gauge of 0.5mm Accuracy “Aerolite” Performed better than the EN specification.

b) Aerolite – Fire Performance: Aerolite Ceiling Tiles made of low density calcium silicate is non combustible tested and certified by CBRI- Roorke.

Fire performance: Fire resistance property is now classified as per latest EU classification in Euro classes.

Aerolite is classified as A1 (Non combustible) s1 ( no smoke) D0 ( no flaming droplets). This means Aerolite will not promote combustion and has no smoke release and no flaming droplets.

c) Aerolite – Bio Safe

• Aerolite is a made of inorganic material and no neutral alkalinity. There are no ingredients that promote growth of bacteria from within. Hence no harmful chemical like formaldehyde / Neocides are used. Aerolite absorbs moisture and readily releases this moisture to atmosphere. This avoids infiltration of water into the tile thus prevents mould growth.

• Aerolite Bio-safe ceiling tiles are available for health care applications. They are coated with a special paint that resists growth of bacteria or mould from external conditions. Thus aerial contamination due to bacteria and hospital acquired infections can be avoided. Aerolite is ideal for use in hospital & health care segments, Pharma industries, Bio Chemistry and Food industries etc.,

d) Thermal Insulation: Aerolite has high thermal insulation- 0.043 W/M0 K Provides good insulation capability better than ECBC Code 2007 norms – A high energy saver.

e) Light Reflectance: Has 85% light reflectance helps to achieve bright interiors at less energy cost.

f) Range Of Acoustic Tiles: Suitable for appropriate application needs.

g) Green Building Product: It is manufactured with 52% of recycled contents and is one of the best Green Building products available in the country.

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