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Philips and Ecophon present ceiling solution

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Philips and Saint-Gobain Ecophon introduced the Soundlight Comfort Ceiling solution for offices in 2013 at the Philips Innovation Event in The Netherlands.

This acoustic ceiling solution with embedded LED lighting keeps noise and lighting levels at an optimum level in open plan offices for employee comfort. This is the second innovation from the partnership established between Philips and Ecophon. This collaboration has previously introduced the Soundlight Comfort Unit, a free-hanging acoustic ceiling panel with embedded LED lighting.

Soundlight Comfort Ceiling creates the sound absorption needed to ensure speech clarity over short distances, whilst reducing the total distance over which sound travels. This is an important benefit, given that over 50% of office work still relates to tasks that require individual focus and concentration. When switched on, Soundlight Comfort Ceiling appears as a uniformly lit surface of light, covering the entire ceiling or as islands of light, creating the image of a larger space, removing ceiling clutter and creating a tranquil atmosphere. The controllability and quality of LED lighting in the Soundlight Comfort Ceiling solution creates a comfortable visual ambiance with reduced glare, which leads to less tiredness at the end of the working day.

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