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Pink city goes green

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Jaipur is the first state in the country to house the first government building in the country with a five-star green rating. The campus of the newly-inaugurated International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED) has a number of green features including the usage of natural lighting, solar energy and geothermal cooling. Spread over 16 acres of land at Achrol, the use of local materials like red sandstone and marble from local quarries and fly ash bricks have helped to cut down on pollution and transportation costs during construction. Energy efficiency features like orientation optimisation, overhang sizing, skylights, insulation on walls/roofs, LED and efficient lighting and 100 per cent external lighting on solar PV cells are additional green attributes.

Geothermal cooling has been used by introducing an alternate cooling system which can recycle cool air from below the earth’s surface (below 4 meters) into the building complexes. This coupled with solar chimneys would reduce the dependence on air conditioners. While increased natural lighting has been used to lower consumption of power, use of control devices is used to further lower the lighting levels automatically during daytime. Solar Panels have been used for outdoor lighting and heating water, in addition to CFC-free materials. The building also has rain harvesting system and a self-contained solid waste management system.

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