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Piping Installation Technology

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Viega Group was founded in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899. And in 1960s, the course was set for the internationalization of the group. Today, Viega piping, drainage and pre-wall solutions are available all over the world, distributed mainly through sales and marketing organizations in the respective countries. Shailesh Khamar, Country Head at Viega Gmbh & CO.KG, speaks about the company products and operations in India.

Brief of Company global and Indian presence

Worldwide, more than 3,000 people are employed by the Viega Group. The products are produced in four manufacturing facilities in Germany while, special solutions for the North American market are manufactured in McPherson, USA. Our product range consists of approximately 17,000 articles used in building services installations, utilities, industrial plants, construction and shipbuilding.

In India, the company operations began in 2008 with first office set up in Gurgaon and later in Mumbai. Viega has grown considerably in the past few years and the company sales team, technical support & distributor network too has expanded simultaneously. We now have pan India presence and are looking at more avenues for growth and expansion.

The current scenario of plumbing sector in India

The pipes and plumbing industry is a growing industry in India. Unfortunately the product quality used and standards being followed here are not at par with international trends. Also, the skill-sets and education level of the grass root level plumbers is an issue. Having said so, it also implies vast potential for development and innovation.

The product portfolio available in the India market

The three product categories we market in India are – piping, pre-wall and drainage. The solutions offered in piping category include stainless steel system Sanpress Inox, Profipress which is made of copper, Pexfit Pro Fosta the plastic piping system as well as Seapress for the shipping industry. All pipes can be connected using Viega’s innovative Press Technology. In drainage systems, we provide Advantix bathroom and floor drains including shower channels, special solutions for washbasins & washing machines and drainage for bathtubs.

The pre-wall systems comprise products such as Steptec which are prepunched profiles and trapezoid shaped connectors giving the imagination free rein when it comes to designing of a bathroom. In flushing technology, we provide concealed cisterns such as Viega Eco Plus – versatile system for commercial and residential purpose, Viega Mono – comes with sound proofing of EPS and offering flexibility of depth settings & low WC elements. All concealed cisterns of Viega can be fitted with a range of modern, award-winning designs of Visign actuating panels.

What are some of the unique features of Viega Products?

Viega has a reputation for innovations that set standards such as, press connection technology for piping and introduction of SC-Contur for visible inspection reliability in every press connector. The computer-controlled, automated production facility delivers absolutely consistent results with each production process monitored by up to five quality checks for maximum reliability. The result: over 17,000 products for almost every type of application. Many of Viega products have won prestigious international awards for design, styling and functionality such as Red Dot award, Design Plus powered by ISH, etc. The combination of design, quality and flexibility is the unique aspect of Viega systems for all buildings and applications, be it residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, sports area or production plants.

Though Viega piping systems are more expensive than conventional materials, the longevity of the material is its major advantage making it cost effective in the long run as stainless steel is a material that can outlast the building life. In addition, our systems are easier and faster to install than conventional methods. One jointing of Viega piping can be completed in 4 seconds as compared to 45 seconds for a conventional system. More importantly Viega press technology for piping connection doesn’t require soldering making it much safer and cleaner.

Viega marketing strategy & future
growth plans
For us all market segments are equal drivers but we focus on the retail sector, followed by project business where we target high-end residential and hotel projects. We have supplied to most of the big developers in India covering residential, commercial, infrastructure and community services.

Over the past six years in India we have achieved constant and steady growth and we have had good response from Indian market for the overall product portfolio. In the near future we would like to be the market leader when it comes to complete and innovative plumbing solutions. Our strategy is to further establish the press technology for piping systems in the India and grow the business substantially over next few years.


Press Technology

Traditionally, copper pipes for building services have been hard or soft soldered, depending on the application and medium. However, the press connecting technology developed by Viega offers a more practical alternative.

After just three processing steps – cutting the pipe to length; installing the press connector and verifying the insertion depth – pressing can be carried out with no calibration required as in the case of other piping systems. That saves as much as 30 to 50% labour. As the connectors incorporating the Viega technology are always pressed in upstream and downstream of the leak with the sealing ring, the connectors at the same time exhibit high longitudinal force. The pressing operations are executed with the matching press tools and jaws. Their extremely compact design means they can also be used to work in difficult-to-access locations, such as in installation ducts. 180° swiveling jointed press jaw sets provide even greater flexibility where required. Also, pressing involves no open flame, and so poses no fire hazard. Consequently, press-connected pipes can even be installed in explosive industrial environments without interrupting production operations.


Due to tight production tolerances, the pipe and connector appear to be “sealed” even before they have been pressed. Connections can be loosened by pressure surges whilst the unit is in operation and uncontrolled water can quickly cause a considerable amount of damage. SC-Contur from Viega shows up any forgotten pressings at the first filling of the unit or during a leakage test. Even at very low flowing pressure, water will leak out of the SC-Contur of a connector, which has not been pressed properly. This prevents expensive subsequent damage.

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