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Polymer Bonding agent and Plastering Aid

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MC-BondAid Plast manufactured by MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd is a polymer-bonding agent which gives excellent bonding between old and new concrete and masonry and subsequent layer of plasters. It is non-toxic and can be used for structures in contact with potable water. The product is easy in application as no hacking is required before plaster application thereby saving labour. It is more economical than epoxy and can be used as a bonding coat before guniting, as a bond coat before commencement of repairs and for bonding of new plaster to old concrete. MC-BondAid Plast, on account of its inherent polymerization increases bonding and tensile strength, lowers permeability and prevents chloride ingress. The product when applied on concrete or masonry, develops a polymer bonding membrane which secures a permanent bonding of new concrete or plaster. Supplied in ready to use form, it requires no further dilution with water and can be applied with a brush or spray.

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