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Portable lighting towers

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Pune based Olikara Lighting Towers Pvt Ltd is offering Dazzler — portable lighting towers. Perfect for use at construction sites, parking lots, airports, mining and railway tracks or yards; the lighting towers can be set up in three minutes, have high electrical efficiency and provide greater power to auxiliary. Providing white light with low glare and even lux distribution, the product gives 3,20,000 lumens output from four lamps. Slim lamps with anodized reflector give greater beam control that can cover 10 acres. The lamp position can be configured to any direction through unique mounting arrangement. High electrical efficiency provides greater power to auxiliary and current-heavy operations can be run from machine with lamps operational. Its electrical protection can be upgraded to RCCB for additional personnel protection.

Full utilization of output power results in more kW per litre of diesel consumed which can be calculated at approximately 50/lt, since total 6.5 kW can be used at a time the running cost. The portable lighting towers are apt for construction sites, mining or road construction/repair sites, airport and railway track/yards, parking areas and even accident site and emergency areas.


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