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Power Transmission

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The cable industry in India has moved from being an unorganized to an organized sector in the past few years. Different kinds of cables like extra high voltage cables and elastomeric cables are now being used for special applications such solar power plants, windmill solutions and power transmission. Cable Corporation of India is the manufacturer of power cables and service provider for transmission and distribution in industrial and power generation projects. Maadhav Digraskar, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Cable Corporation of India Ltd (CCI) speaks to Buildotech about the new developments in Indian cabling industry.

With most solutions going wireless, what are the effects on the cabling industry?

Wireless applications are being used for very small power requirements at the micro level. For transmission at a larger scale and major usage, cabling solutions are the only option. Cables are being used at a mega level and will continue to be used until wireless technology for such power transmission is developed further.

What are the new products in cables?

With large power transmission requirements, the transmission voltages are getting increased. Today, power transmission through underground cables is being done with cables of 400kV & 230kV to meet the demand of high power transmission by the various sectors. CCI too is equipped to meet this demand and has already supplied cables along with accessories up to 220kV. The company has a strong EPC team that supervises the laying jointing and terminations of all EHV cables. Also, new products are being developed for special applications in the field of solar power, wind power and off-shore requirements.

What are the latest developments in the Indian cabling industry?

Power sector has been identified by the Government of India as a priority sector. Large investments have been planned in generation, transmission & distribution sectors in the five-year plan. The initiative is set to generate large demand for our products as well as the cabling industry as a whole. CCI, a major player in the power transmission industry is supplying High Tension and Extra High Tension cables along with accessories to sectors ranging from infrastructure, Housing, Refineries, steel industry and cement plants among others.

Some of the challenges facing Indian cable industry?

At present, the supply is much larger than demand in the country and the cabling solutions market is highly competitive. The industry is going through a challenge in terms of price as also the quality. Many of the manufacturers have increased the capacity both in organized & unorganized sectors and with the import of cables from China & other countries, there is a tremendous pressure on price. It has been observed that for the sustenance/survival of cable industry, the demand in the market needs to go up. We expect that imported cables will also be evaluated in line with qualification requirements as applicable for local manufacturers in terms of standard and certification. For example, in the event any Indian manufacturer intends to export any electrical products to any country, we are expected to carry out type test as per country standard in local test Lab. We expect that on the similar lines, the cable industry will evaluate the import of cables, so that there is a level playing field for local manufacturers. Today, there is a mix of products available in the market, ranging from low quality to high quality products making it difficult for high quality products manufacturers to compete in the market place.

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