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Privacy Solutions from Glasxperts

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Glass is a smart and versatile material that offers endless possibilities in interior applications. Various innovative applications of glass enable one to make the surroundings look spacious, beautiful and functionally efficient, helping you enhance the visual appeal of your living space.

Glasxperts provides state-of-the-art privacy solutions in glass, through a comprehensive set of customization options, featuring products such as glass with integrated blinds, glass with view control film and switchable glass.

Glass with Integrated blinds

• 100% water & dust proof

• Zero maintenance

• Perfect combination of aesthetics, privacy & durability

• Useful for conference rooms, personal cabins, study rooms, multimedia rooms, wash rooms & kitchens

• Available in venetian, roller & pleated type, for different visibility options

• Also available for horizontal (skylight) application

• Can be operated with remote, control switch at window (manual cord control is also available).

Glass with View Control film

• Unique and one of its kind product

• Appearance changes from transparent to translucent for different view angles

• Perfect product to restrict visibility from a particular angle

• Useful for conference rooms, personal cabins, laboratories, studio windows, restaurants

• Work as a safety film; protects glass from falling in case of breakage

• Available with different view angles for various applications

• Can be installed on existing glazing or windows

Switchable Glass:

• Exclusive product for instant privacy

• Visibility can be restricted (transparent to translucent or vice versa) instantly, by pressing a button

• Room or cabin can be made multi -functional by desired visibility

• Blocks 99% IR & UV rays

• Better safety & noise control

• Can be operated with remote or manual control switch

• Useful for conference rooms, personal cabins, wash rooms and cash counters

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