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Providing end-to-end Security Solutions

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With over 20 years of experience in IT & Security industry, Jatin Mehta, MD of Abacus Infotech says that the future of the industry is in making information available on mobile

Abacus provides a wide range of security solutions. What are the highlights of your technology offerings?

Abacus Infotech provides end-to-end solution to end-users. We provide integration solution of Access control, CCTV, Fire Alarm System and Intrusion system. Since we have core expertise in these fields, we have come up with three new technologies in Access control, CCTV & Building Management Systems.

a) A new technology by which customer can open the door or mark the attendance through NFC mobile reader and Bluetooth enable reader. Currently, users can carry the card or open the door through Biometric and mark the attendance but now everyone can carry the smart phone. Even one forgets the card, he/she can access the door or mark the attendance using the smartphone.

b) CCTV system is very important for every organisation. Customers are installing cameras in their offices but are unable to monitor the systems on a daily basis. We have come with a solution in which users can do their CCTV audit every day. Using our solution a user can check every day recording in few minutes. The Video backup can be kept at another location which helps if any incident happens and if local backup has been lost.

c) Most of the customers are having Access control, CCTV, Fire Alarm System & Intrusion System but they are not connected with each other. We come up with the solution in which if customers have systems of different brand, they can have these connected all with a single software and they can get the trigger on central locations. This solution will be very useful to those customers wanting Central Monitoring alert.

Your focus is mainly on Corporate security where the need for Access Control, CCTV, RFID solution is changing very fast. How do you keep pace with this?

Abacus Infotech provides PAN India service support for multi-location customers. Considering customer need and technology, we provide updated technology and solutions.

a) Attendance: Abacus had started educating the customers in the year 2003 to use fingerprint technology instead of card base system. This will help proxy punching. In the last 10 years, fingerprint technology has almost replaced the card system. As the customer requirements are increasing or changing, we are suggesting face reader system instead of fingerprint reader. This will help where users are unable to enroll their finger prints due to certain reason.

b) Access control: In the past, all Access control systems were connected to RS232 protocol. The drawback of this technology was that if customer wants real time information then he was unable to get. Then technology is migrated from RS232 to IP. Now any numbers of doors or controllers can get connected in a single network and customers can get the information on real time basis. We have introduced a new technology in which users do not have to carry cards; they can simply show their smartphones and open the door and mark their attendance. We provide one more additional solution in which we integrate Access control with CCTV camera. If any unauthorized person try to enter the premises, then the camera will take the snap shot of the person and send the picture on real time to user.

c) CCTV : CCTV is very essential in any business but still the system is used only for evaluating the incidents after they have occurred often in certain cases on the system or the system may not be functioning. Hence we have come up with the solution in which the system gives a trigger if not functioning. For example, if there is no recording happening then system will give the trigger. We have a certain analytic software through which user can get the alert before any incidents happen. Today’s customers are going for high resolutions cameras for better clarity, so they need more storage solution for video recording. We have very unique solution in which a client can keep their video recording backup either in their premise or on cloud. This will help us in case if their main video recording is either lost or corrupted for any reason.

d) RFID System: In the past customers were using RFID system for attendance and Access control. There is a short range of RFID card in which RFID reader will detect the card when user touches the card or brings it near to the reader. We now provide a solution in which users can mark their attendance or open the door without bringing RFID card to the reader. The reader can detect the RFID card at a distance of one meter also. This will also help in car parking, asset tracking and real-time monitoring of people.

The RFID based solution for car parking has RFID tag fixed on every vehicle. Boom barrier will open automatically once any authorised vehicle enters the premise. We have the solution for asset tracking in which RFID tags are fixed on every asset and it can be tracked using the reader. We also provide RFID wrist band that can be given to patients or students.

How important it is to have the right kind of partners for system integration?

It is very important that the supplier has in depth knowledge on that technology. System Integrator has to first understand the customer requirement and the infrastructure needed. They should also show how they can maintain the system and what kind of man power required. It is observed many a time that system integrator provides the solution depending on the customer’s budget. A good System Integrator has to think about ROI for the customer. Since security industry is booming and there is a huge market, I always believe that there are certain solutions critical for every industry and if you have not provided the solution properly then there will be a major impact to the customer business. The System Integrator has to provide good support as and when client requires, and advise them on up-gradation of technology if the client’s business increases.

How is the Indian security market evolving in India?

Now Indian Security market is matured. There is a lot of awareness about security. People understand that they require security system either for their business or for their safety. There are many products and services available in the Indian market, so customers have many choices to select the right products. The entire globe security market is growing. There is a huge demand of networking and CCTV cameras in India because of Smart City programme. CCTV systems have become the essential tool for the Police to track traffic violations and accidents.

For retail industries, customers can use the camera for business intelligence. They can find out the number of visitors, the gender ratio and the age of the visitors. Depending on this data, they can make marketing strategy, which help them grow their business.

There will be huge R&D happening on IP technology wherein networking & storage plays a major role. Companies are investing on R&D on these two FOCUS segments and are coming up with new technology reducing the network bandwidth and storage. Now everyone is shifting from in premise to cloud, so many companies are providing solution on clouds. This will really help customer not to invest and maintain an IT infrastructure.

Range of services and solutions

Abacus Infotech is having experience in Electronic Security, Attendance & Access control, Fire Alarm, Networking and Customized Software Solutions. We provide Rosslare & HID brand Access control which include Car Parking, Elevator Access control, NFC & Bluetooth base Access control. Time & Attendance system of NITGEN finger print reader and face reader with web base attendance software. Visitor Management, Contract Management and Canteen Management software are integrated with Access control and attendance. We supply and install Boom Barrier, Flap Barrier, Bollard and tripod with any of our Access control.

HD & IP base CCTV system along with analytic software provides intelligent alert before any incident occurs. Another solution is Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm System with integration with PAVA system. This integration gives automatic announcement if any fire incident occurs at any location.

Wireless Intrusion system is for protection of office, house and bungalows with the latest mobile application to get alerts as well as to control any sensor through mobile.

Abacus also provides Power Saving Solution for any IT asset as well as electrical equipment. This will save the cost of electricity and ROI will come within six month period.

Our USP is the PAN India service support. We have served many customers who are having offices across India. We service customers who are having offices in more than 1000/350 or 250 locations across India. Abacus is having more than 3000 customers.

Future strategy

As we know, the future is on mobile, so we have started providing solution in which user can receive all information related to security and Access control on his/her mobile.

We are also working on cloud based solution; so a client can excess any information related to the security from anywhere. We are focusing on providing end-to-end solution for certain industries and on IOT which can integrate with our products and services.


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