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Providing Fire Security

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Stork Systems and Projects Pvt Ltd, based in Koramangala, Bangalore is among the few companies in India with integrated capabilities to design, implement and manage fire and safety solutions for commercial and residential buildings and facilities. Ravi Kumar S, Managing Director briefs Buildotech on the critical aspects of fire safety and services provided by the company.

Importance of proactive fire protection

Fire safety not only provides life safety but also gives a competitive advantage in ensuring seamless business operations. Industry data shows that 40% of the businesses which are closed due to fire safety issues are never able to resume operations. A fire may cause business interruption which could cripple a company or an establishment overnight. Delay in detecting a fire and further delay in calling the fire brigade, are major factors contributing to heavy fire losses. For residences and commercial complexes, it’s the fear of life and property loss which drives them towards installing active fire safety solutions. An active solution usually comprises fire alarms and hydrant/ sprinkler systems. In some cases, where there is expensive and mission critical equipment stored and operated (A server room or vault for instance), automated clean agent fire suppression systems are installed.

What are some of the important factors taken in to account for fire risk assessment?

We analyse, recommend and design to deliver reliable and customised solutions keeping the height of the building, width of the road and access points as per NBC norms. However modern solutions demand not only innovative and future – oriented engineering but also environmentally compatible and energy saving technologies.

Fire being a major hazard to human life and often resulting in extensive damage to infrastructure, it is pertinent to ensure provision of escape facilities and ensuring good safety arrangements which must be complementary and mutually co-ordinated. Stairways have to be well-lit. Pathways have to be photo-luminescent to ensure proper marking systems are in place for occupants to find the way and also to highlight locations of landings, handrails and exits

Is there adequate fire safety awareness among the property developers?

Newer technology almost always enhances the safety of the facility that can help attract both employees and tenants. Also, compliance to standards and regulations is a requirement among all property developers. Therefore, most of the property developers have been trying to adopt fire safety policies and standards as a part of their EHS regulations. The existing norms as per NBC are more than complete and sufficient in nature. However, what is lacking is the implementation and adherence to the minimum applicable frameworks. Stork Systems feels that there is still a lot of scope for independent audits to be done and gaps to be plugged.

Earlier the focus was more on commercial complexes as there were statutory regulations to comply. Off late we have seen that even residential complexes place a huge degree of importance on fire safety and building security. I would therefore say that the demand and awareness are more or less equal. For instance, we are working with large MNC’s like Allscripts, Oracle, HP and Indian companies like Wipro, HCL and Mindtree. On the residential side, we are working on projects with Sattva Builders, Raheja Pebble Bay, Prestige Builders and Adarsh Prime Projects to name a few.

Solutions provided by the compnay for fire Safety & Security

Stork Systems and Projects, was set up about two years ago with a vision to become the preferred systems integrator and engineering solutions company. The company specialises in both active and passive fire protection like fire hydrant systems, sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire resistant mortars, pillows, barriers, sealants and offer these products and solutions in an integrated fashion. We conduct a series of tests & research on each product before system implementation and introduction into the market. Stork Systems specializes in the following types of life safety engineering systems:

• Intelligent Home Automation Systems

• Hybrid Intruder Detection & Alarm systems

• Networked Access Control & Time and Attendance monitoring systems

• IP enabled Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Surveillance systems

• Automated Turnstiles & Access Barriers

• Public Address, Voice Evacuation & Hi-end Audio/Video Systems

• Building Management Systems

Stork works with clients to provide total turnkey solutions. We conduct intensive site studies, risk threat analysis, and develop concept solutions ranging from sub-systems selection to equipment selection. After analyzing the various risk factors at a client’s premises, we submit comprehensive fire & security safety proposals and project reports which comply with world-class standards like the National Building Code of India, NFPA and British Standards. Further, we carry out detailed engineering & integration procedures including cabling, termination, testing, commissioning, training and documentation for all our client’s requirements, concerning safety and protection against loss of life or property.

Growth plans for the company

Stork, after registering a 60% growth year on year, is now looking to consolidate its position and will continue to make large and aggressive investments and plans in the area of remote maintenance systems and integrated fire systems solutions for customers – be it residential or commercial. We are also looking at entering the trading business as there are enough players in the market who will benefit from access to good products in the fire and security vertical. Stork also plans to invest to the tune of Rs.seven crores towards setting up new offices and sales force in the Middle-East and SAARC markets. We are also exploring joint ventures with global leaders to show-case their solutions to the Indian market. Annual maintenance services of building complexes is also a key growth area.

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