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Providing Workspace Solutions

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Vestian Global Workplace Services, a fully owned subsidiary of Vestian. Inc, Chicago with offices in USA, India, China and the Middle East, recently launched its FM arm in India.

The biggest challenge is maintaining the quality of human resource. As the FM industry is at a nascent stage, it is vital to train the manpower down the pyramid and update the workplace on developments in the field such as key parameters and essential guidelines. We need competent engineers who are proficient with civil &mechanical apparatus, electrical instrumentation, IT etc. Our present education system lacks this kind of comprehensive curriculum; and as pioneers in the field, we would encourage and support specialized courses on FM.

Vestian has meticulously supported businesses across South-east Asia to achieve optimal real estate solutions through its extensive service portfolio, which includes strategic consultancy, transaction advisory and “project services for the past three years. Majority of our clients continue to look for end-to-end support post construction; so introduction of FM arm was a natural progression. Having the required bandwidth and experience, the company aims to bring global best practices and customize them to the local needs, and raise the bar for the industry”, says Col. Ramesh Kumar, VP. Facilities Management, Vestian Global.

Presently, FM market in India is valued at INR 585 billion and slated to develop at a CAGR of 25%. Challenges include the presence of a vast number of unorganized players in the industry. Retaining of quality manpower is also a major challenge owing to the lack of formal training/academic courses that cater to knowledge seekers in this sector.

The company is a complete workplace solutions provider focused on occupier’s business needs. “Our experts are proficient at the diverse facets of real estate services such as assessing geographies, devising transparent engagement structures, and strategizing conflict-free, legally compliant solutions tailored to the client’s requirements. The thought space is indicative of the planning stage, whereas the functional space involves creating and sustaining the infrastructure.

“Vestian is essentially a one-stop solution provider for emerging markets such as India, China, Sri Lanka and other South-east Asian countries. We help them establish their business in these geographies, and also assist to maintain and manage facilities; so that they are able to focus on and achieve their business goals. In short, we provide a platform and manage that platform for a seamless operation. We provide services from ‘Thought to functional space”.

“We have a defined set of policies and processes that include checklists, reports, customer feedback and KPA to ensure SLA adherence. We also adopt global benchmarks for construction and FM industry, while compliant standards are met as per the local geographies.”

KPI indicators are identified through regular quality audits, reporting mechanisms, which holistically elucidate performance of the workforce as well as tangible elements of the process (E.g. customer feedbacks, vendor feedbacks, help desk reports which clearly indicate the turnaround times for service requests).

Most companies in the West, commission third party vendors for functional requirements like Facilities Management. This common practice increases the overall efficiency of the system and extends support for the management to focus on achieving its business goals. “Also, it is highly imperative that the existing education system and align the present curricula to the evolving needs of the industry. “



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