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Quick Fix Concrete

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ACC has introduced the self-levelling, high strength concrete – Jet Setcrete. It is a concrete solution that is designed to gain ultra-high strength within few hours and with self-levelling features suitable for faster construction demand to achieve project. It can be delivered to the project site in a freshly mix state or unhardened state. The strength class is gained within 24 hours, the flow is between 550 to 750mm, the fluidity is high and the segregation resistance is high.

The benefits of using this kind of cement is strength development after six hours, early stripping of mould and faster use of moulds for precast application. It has an easy flow because of its high flowability that makes congested reinforcement steel bars easily accessible. As self-levelling concrete Jet-setcrete only requires minor vibration and therefore it reduces noise pollution.

For high rise building Jet-setcrete will give faster construction from the shorter floor cycles. This cement can be used to fix urgent repairs of concrete pavements, airport runways, precast and pre-stressed concrete, where it is crucial for concrete to gain strength soon. The mist curing created after concrete hardens, is required.


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