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Ready to Fit Moulded Fenestration

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Pre-fabricated construction is not entirely new to the Indian construction space. Karanan Karthik Kumar, Proprietor, Karthik Enterprises, a Bangalore based manufacturer of composite doors, frames and windows speaks to Buildotech on the rising popularity of pre-fabricated fenestration.

How are readymade doors and windows better than the traditional alternative?

The pre-fabricated doors and windows are in vogue as their rates are less by 15 to 20% when compared to conventional wooden doors (Honne, Mathi, Sal etc.). Also, readymade doors/windows are an eco friendly choice as they are produced through recycling of discarded synthetic windows. Advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving processing is involved with closed cycles to help reduce the consumption of energy and water. In addition, uPVC material has eco-stabilizers and it offers optimum insulation thereby saving energy.

The office and commercial buildings are increasingly using readymade doors such as F.R.P./G.R.P composite doors, skin doors, flush doors and uPVC windows for interiors of offices and other places such as hospitals. Our company manufactures doors/windows as per CDC (Composite Design Centre) Guidelines, IS 4020 and CPWD (Central Public Works Department) specifications. It is working on projects for ISRO (Central government project), Tejasri infra projects (Bangalore development authority), Sri Thirupathi Engineering Works (Bangalore university under Karnataka government) and around 100 residential projects.

Brief on the installation process

The windows and door come in a fully finished condition, trimmed to the exact size and fitted with quality hinges. The materials used in the door construction include long lasting fibre reinforced plastic, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, galvanized steel and weather & waterproof sealant. They are supplied in a ready to fit condition without the need of any carpentry at site. All optional hardware can be securely fitted onto the doors at the factory itself by skilled personnel as per the customer’s choice and delivered in final shape. The irregularities in making and mounting the frames can be compensated by trimming windows and door on site with simple tools. The hard wood frame alongside the periphery of the door allows trimming on three sides of the doors.

What are the advantages of using pre-fabricated doors/windows?

The readymade doors/windows main advantage is the better finished appearance compared to wooden doors. Their use also eliminates the risk of selecting low quality wood or poor carpenter workmanship. Other benefits include:

• They are totally free from problems of warpage, seasoning and termite and can be made according to the exact size as per the site requirement saving raw material.

• Complex designed doors involving compound curvatures can also be easily incorporated and fabricated in short time at minimum cost.

• They are moisture resistant as the Polymer skins being impervious and water proof, protects the door from any water or moisture ingress.

• These doors have good dimensional stability and does not expand or contract like conventional wooden doors.

• Due to excellent weatherability and chemical resistance these doors are maintenance free. Hence no recurring cost.

• High strength combined with properties of impact resistance, corrosion resistance along with above mentioned features makes GRP doors highly superior to many other materials.

• Readymade doors & windows are lighter than custom made doors/windows and reduce the load on the structure lowering the building cost.

• They give the option of customizing buildings for specific needs such as fire & water resistance and sound-proofing.


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