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Recyclable Material Home

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BioCasa_82 in Italy is a home that boasts of some seriously energy-efficient technologies. Italian architect Rosario Picciotto designed the project using 99% recyclable materials and it’s powered completely by renewable energy sources. Its tailor-made sustainable strategies were employed in a bid to secure LEED Platinum certification.

Thanks to the “Welldom Method” (a unique construction process developed by Giovanni Fabris, founder of Welldom), the house provides maximum comfort while deploying highly advanced sustainable technologies and recyclable materials. According to the carbon footprint analysis, BioCasa_82 yields 60% less emissions than traditional buildings. Its photovoltaic system produces around 14kWh/mq of electricity and a high-efficiency geothermal plant provides heat, hot water and cooling. These strategies are complemented by a rainwater harvesting system.




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