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Redefined door and building communication

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TCS AG was established in 1995, in Genthin, Germany. The company offers building communication solutions, such as visitor management systems, concierge systems, resident information systems and alarm functions. Kapil Tyagi, Country Manager, TCST Building Solutions India Pvt Ltd spoke to Buildotech about the advanced technology in the segment and how the Company is promoting next generation products in India.

Company product offerings and operations in India

TCS stands for TürControlSysteme AG with global footprints in all international markets. We are a 20 year old mid-sized, family owned enterprise specializing in door communication system as called in Germany or visitor management system as known in India. The Company opened a liaison office in 2006 in Delhi and founded its India Subsidiary in 2010, shifting base to Mumbai, as Company’s specialization is in high rise and multi apartment buildings.

The portfolio of communication products ranges from simple door communication systems to complex and larger systems for several hundreds of flats. The system concept includes PC centrals for concierge applications, camera technology for surveillance, centrally operated access control for a large number of entrances as well as system networking with technologies such as telephony, mobile networks, IP networks and W-Fi systems.

TCS is part of some very high end projects across the globe like Skyline Mansion Shanghai, Vivarea in Mumbai, Anthill in Istanbul and St.Regis in Singapore. Lot of product adaptations have been done for Asian market and we offer made to order products to add value to customer lifestyle. Globally, most of the business comes from Europe. Our key markets are India, China Singapore, Turkey and Hong Kong. Middle East is handled through distributors and other markets include Iran, Lebanon and Australia.

In India, the HNI apartment buyers are well-travelled, aware of hi- tech systems and are looking for similar products in India. This is where TCS finds its fitment. While, most companies are just making simple door phones, we are providing entire solution for smart high-rise building. For instance, the solutions even comprise elevator management, access control and parking management. We are also revolutionizing the industry by moving the systems from IP to iPad & iPhone and remotely managed systems on 3G.

The TCS App available on android, google, iOS and windows is taking the technology to the next level by giving the access control on the fingertips of the owner. The products use non-polarized TCS:BUS technology developed by the Company and has also created several interfaces to provide networking solutions and integration with third party systems from major brands. Thus, TCS:BUS installations can be connected with different environments by interfaces and gateways.

TCS is known for innovative building automation for audio and video door entry systems as well as door control and security solutions for the entrance area. To this end, TCS relies principally on modern technology and durable product quality. Aluminum is used instead of plastic for better durability, effective protection against vandalism and strong product design. The products are characterized by modern design, high-class materials, large displays and user friendly functionality.

Infrastructure challenges and Asia specific offerings

TCS products are used in luxury & premium projects where infrastructure is provided by the developer like own power generation, fibre optic wires, Wi-Fi in lobby and other areas in the building. Therefore, no infrastructure challenges are present as such except for lot of apprehensions about internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi maybe down, power fluctuation or for that matter mobiles out of battery are some of the practical challenges that have been addressed in our systems. TCS has developed hybrid system which communicates with owner’s smart phone and monitor inside the house simultaneously. In case, the visitor call is not attended at home or on the smart phone, it goes to the GSM number provided for emergency like parents or relatives who would then receive the call and will be able to provide access to the visitor on the press of a button. The Company also realized that in Asia, HNIs usually have domestic help at home and most live with their parents therefore, any door communication system will have to be easy to understand and use by older generation and domestic help. Thus, apart from touch screen, the door station are fitted with hand held receiver that can simply be picked and answered to communicate with the visitor and open the door. Alternatively, many visitors too may not be comfortable with touch pad and that is why doorbell is integrated in the door communication system.

Another aspect considered is that high end client might not like to be disturbed by visitor calls from home. Our system comes with ‘do not disturb’ feature by which homeowner in office or meeting will receive all calls but phone will not make noise. Missed door calls will be stored with date and time stamp as well as with a snapshot of the video image. Unlimited data can be stored depending on specific phone memory and owner will be able to see the whole history of visitors. These products are specifically for Asia market like India, china, Singapore and Hong Kong where other adaptations include CCTV cameras integration. Such as, in Vivarea, Mumbai, the door communication dashboard provides access to the cameras in lobby, kid’s area, podium, driver lounge etc.

All the features – touch screen, handset monitors, gsm and doorbell & camera integration are available as standard features and all apps are provided as default in TCS products. The customer can select and choose to enable the features that he may require. Cat 6 cable with RJ45 connector is all that is required for all door communication products. To address power interruptions and voltage fluctuations, a system centrally located in the building converts 230V, feeding low voltage at 26VDC to the system.

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