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Reduction of Wastepipe Noise

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The trend towards high-density living environments and lightweight building construction over the last decade has required an improvement in the control of noise from waste pipes and general plumbing. Soundlag 4525C, carrying a ten year warranty, is the choice for many leading acoustic consultants, architects and consulting engineers as its quality assured consistent performance guarantees quieter pipes.

Soundlag 4525C has been developed as an easy to use acoustic treatment which reduces noise breakout from pipes. The unique flexibility of the polymer-based noise barrier provides superior performance and allows even the smallest pipes to be lagged effectively. It’s independently tested in laboratory conditions and in situ to give proven consistent performance. Leading consultants specify Soundlag 4525C with confidence. Low maintenance with a long service life, the aluminium foil facing provides a robust lifetime surface finish, ensuring protection from damage, and improves fire resistance.

Case Study: Pyrotek Beats Bathroom Noise

Acoustic Problem

A stock analyst living in Taipei City, was being disturbed by bathroom noise. The waste pipe bellowed nearly 61.0dB(A) with every flush which meant interrupted sleep once the bathroom was visited. In comparison, 60dB(A) is the reflection of a normal conversation.

Developing a Solution

Pyrotek Noise Control team assessed the situation and found a large, unlagged wall cavity waste pipe with an elbow bend which was producing excessive amounts of unwanted noise. Soundlag 4525C acoustic pipe wrap was specified and installed to solve the problem.

Guaranteed for ten years, Pyrotek’s Soundlag product range is the most cost effective way to solve pipe noise and meet building regulations. We can simply cut, wrap and tape it to install. Soundlag’s mass-loaded barrier deflects noise back to the source, while its acoustic foam layer separates the barrier from the source. Its aluminium foil facing makes it flexible yet sturdy and flame resistant.


After the installations, fresh measurements were taken. There was 61dB(A) in the bathroom before the installation of Soundlag 4525C and 52dB(A) after the installation. Reducing this by nearly 10dB(A) is perceived as halving the noise level. In comparision, 52dB(A) is similar to the sound of a refrigerator humming.

This particular installation was so successful that it featured in Taiwan’s Acoustic and Vibration Conference.

The owner was not only pleased with the results and was no longer being sleep deprived, but also commended Pyrotek on the method of testing to diagnosis and to install smoothly.

Pipe lagging is a fundamental noise abatement technique. Highly desirable in private homes, it’s fast becoming mandatory in high and medium density residential complexes. Especially where lighter construction materials like UPVC pipes leave rooms more vulnerable to noise intrusion and disturbances.


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