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Remote Monitoring of Water Treatment Plants

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Water treatment plants, need to be maintained and operated at optimum efficiency, on a continual basis, in order to get the desired quality and quantity of water. The respective parameters need to be continually monitored to know the health of the plant at any given point of time and also to be able to take preventive / remedial measures, as soon as any deviation is identified, instead of taking corrective actions after the plant has shut down.

It is not practically possible for any individual to monitor the critical parameters on a 24 X 7 basis, 365 days in a year. Remote monitoring services ensure that the analog and digital parameters are monitored on a 24 X 7 basis, 365 days a year. Any deviation in parameter is immediately brought to the attention of concerned engineer / client, for suitable remedial action. This ensures the preventive action is effected at the initial stage itself and the chances of plant shut-down are negated to a large extent. This also enables planning for inventory at the right time, instead of facing material shortage when required, or, stocking items much in advance than required.

The technology is achieved through SIM based data acquisition system, wherein digital acquisition unit along with input/output unit/s are placed at the WTP location and data is captured on the server. This data is monitored by the technical team at the remote monitoring cell in IESL’s corporate office. Email and SMS alerts are also received at deviations in parameters. Plant performance trend over a period of time can also be analyzed to assess the health of the plant. Reports will be given to clients on a monthly basis.

The technology does not require any change in the client’s IT infrastructure. Only the necessary instrument/s needs to be made available for monitoring relevant parameters. The analog instruments need to be capable of providing 4 to 20mA output, for functioning of this service. Additional instruments may be added by client at a later date, if only a few parameters are desired to be monitored initially. A total of 14 analog and 13 digital parameters have been identified as critical parameters to be monitored, and the same has been incorporated in the input/output units. One set of digital acquisition unit and input/output unit/s is required for each WTP, as the parameters set in the input/output units have been standardized and cannot be changed.

The service is thus intended to enable the client focus on his core business at any point of time without having to worry about the health of his WTP, while at the same time having a constant update on the plant’s performance and access to suitable maintenance/preventive solutions offered by the technical team at his disposal.

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