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Renewable Energy Water Heater

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Bangalore based A. O. Smith India Water Heating Private Limited, have launched Air2Heat – a renewable energy water heater which is an advanced and innovative product that generates heat from the environment. It is a clean and efficient use of free energy source to provide hot water.

The water heater uses electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of using electricity to heat the water. For each unit of electrical consumed, it generates 2.3 units of heat energy. Based on reliable and proven technology, the water heaters are more convenient and more reliable than solar water heaters. It also has in-built intelligent functions and all operations are automatic.

The heater comes with a special glass lined inner containers. The lining is achieved through a specialized fusion process. The tanks are designed to pass a 1,00,000 cycle fatigue test and are resistant to rust and scaling.

The product has a built-in digital display for key parameters and readings, and a wired remote for ease of operations. The user definable functions and parameters are setting of Mode, Timers, Override, AES (Adaptive Energy Saving), Temperature Setting, Hot Water Display Quantity and Power-off Memory function. The LED display also shows diagnostics on the unit’s malfunctions. This enables the service technician to efficiently repair the unit.

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