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Rental Economy & Workplace

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With the growing use of social media platforms and mobile technology, consumers have created a profitable business model out of what has traditionally been a community activity – renting goods and services to one another. Coined the “rental” or “sharing” economy, it is presenting an opportunity for companies to re-engineer their workplace. A study by CORT-  a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

The rental economy is helping businesses to capitalize on the unique business opportunities before them that continue to expand with the growth of freelance employees, giving companies a global reach. By utilizing sharing platforms or adopting sharing platformlike ideas, they can tap into new ideas and opportunities, while, capturing the maximum revenue and still remaining profitable. With more contract workers, mobile technology and decreasing loyalty, employees are switching jobs more and the workplace is becoming much more fluid and flexible.

Changing Workplace

Business practices, consumer demand, the market – they all change rapidly. Things that don’t change? Your office space. It is not going to adapt on its own. While office buildings may not change, employee and office needs do. With both constantly changing and evolving, it’s up to the facility manager to manage and predict change to keep the business running and growing.

In a world where everything changes so rapidly and reduced barriers to enter the market are breeding more competition, businesses are being forced to re-evaluate their practices to be more agile and adaptable.

Today, facility managers are being tasked more than ever to be the champions of change in the workplace. From reducing costs to determining more efficient processes, to ensuring the workplace is fully equipped with everything employees need. But where does furniture come into play? Furniture pieces are just vehicles for sitting, working and sometimes just sitting there collecting dust, right?

In offices across the country, furniture is going unused. It’s sitting in storage, sitting unused in the office and being disposed off or moved around as employee head count shifts and companies undergo change. Having to buy, mange, store, move and maintain office furniture is a lot of work, on top of all the other job responsibilities; however, maintaining office’s appearance is one of FM most important tasks. It’s an ongoing dilemma. Be more efficient with resources, but make sure the office looks great and reflects the company’s reputation.

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