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Resort – living experience

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Windchants residential development by Experion Developers Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon is spread over 23.4 acres. It has 35 low rise Villas, 68 mid-rise duplexes and 460 high-rise apartment and condominiums weaved like the seven stars constellation – Orion, around landscaped hubs clustered with theme activities. The low rise developments are placed linear to the approach road and the mid-rise duplex are stacked above on the stilts \ to allow for transparency through the entire site. All high rise towers are spaced away allowing flow of wind and sunlight. The green area lost at the ground level has been regained at the 7th level as ‘ The Skywalk’ where residents can walk, jog, play and even grow their herbs and spices in ‘interactive gardens’.

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