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Responsible Luxury

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With the advent of newer materials and techniques of construction, modern built forms have evolved to provide a harmonious balance between building, climate and lifestyle.

One & Only, The Palm, a Dubai luxury hotel and resort is located on the artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Blending Moorish and Andalusian architectural design with a contemporary Arabian chic interior style, the project evokes a sense of understated elegance in its vaulted spaces and rhythmic symmetry.

Apart from being an oasis of stylish energy and tranquility, the hotel with its eco-sensitive design, construction and operation satisfies the guests’ needs and well being with the environment in mind. The materials used in construction are regionally available with high recyclable content of a total of 10% (post consumer +1/2 pre consumer). Also, the hotel location near Mass Transit Station facilitates minimizing of carbon footprint by the guests.

The luxury hotel & resort project was awarded LEED certification under LEED NC 2.2 rating system by USGBC in 2011. Some of the main green features of the development include energy efficiency, water management, indoor air quality and low embodied energy materials.

Energy Efficiency

One &Only The Palm utilizes metering and sophisticated building management system to closely monitor building energy use and identify opportunities in real time for adjustments. Furthermore, building energy simulation was carried out to demonstrate the percentage improvement of energy performance as compared to baseline case as per ASHRAE/IESNA standard 90.1.2004.

Overall 22% efficiency was achieved through various ECM’s (Energy conservation measures) such as, high efficient chillers with higher COP, Heat recovery systems, Variable speed pumps on chilled water and domestic water systems, enhanced cooling plant efficiencies and car parking extract fans.

Also, the lighting power was tabulated and compared with ASHRAE standard for that space and installed with energy saving fixtures such as T5 lamps, T8 lamps, halides and halogen lamps. At many places the MR 16 lamps were replaced with new MR16 LED lamps which resulted in energy efficiency. In addition, each guest room is provided with energy saving module to control lighting and air-conditioning.

Sun Control

The walls are insulated resulting in higher thermal parameters than the reference standard which resulted in lower cooling energy. All exterior glazed units are installed with lower shading coefficient with double glaze windows of SC 0.25.

The exterior façade architectural features like extended overhangs and fins reduce the solar cooling load through the windows and walls. The roofs are pitched roofs with an unventilated attic space between roof exterior and interior ceiling. This unventilated space acts as a shield from getting direct solar load. Moreover, roof area has a SRI of 79.5 to maximize energy savings and reduce heat island effect. Internally, various building wings have covered passages and balconies which also reduced the solar cooling load.

Water management and recycling

Various water management strategies were implemented for water conservation. High efficiency fixtures were used in the project for shower, sinks, lavatories etc. For example, Dual flush Water closets with flush rates of 1.2/0.8 GPF and low flow urinals with flush rates of 0.4 GPF were installed in the entire project. Also, the waste water was 100% recycled through central sewage treatment plant.


Indoor Environment Quality

The hotel provides occupants with the ability to control their personal thermal environment. MERV 13 filters have been installed and entryway/footpath permanent cleaning systems are provided. Use of interior finishes with low VOC paints, non toxic coatings, adhesives and sealants and CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) certified carpets reduce indoor air contaminants.

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