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Retractable ROOFS

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As the scorching heat begins to be drenched by the first bout of monsoon, the humidity sets in, post which the winter will take its toll. But now with retractable roofing systems, whatever the season or weather condition, outdoors can continue to extend the comfort of indoors.

The range of retractable roof systems comprise of products like, Retractable flat sliding roof, Re-locatable tensile fabric structures, Roll a Roofs, Sliding roof pergola and Gazebos. These retractable roof systems have been designed to lend the freedom of transforming an outdoor space into an indoor environment at the touch of a button. The innovative remote controlled system, offers the ease of opening up the roof to let in the weather or close up when it’s cold or rainy, offering users year-round unique, naturally lit spaces.

Loom Crafts, manufacturers of all weather outdoor furniture and complete outdoor solution offers such systems to turn the outdoor spaces into a year round revenue generator for commercial establishments and as outdoor living spaces for luxury homes. Rahul Jindal, Managing Director, Loom Crafts Furniture (India) Pvt Ltd, says, “The basic idea behind the range of retractable shade solution is to explore the huge potential of the outdoors and turn them into a year round hospitable environment, irrespective of the climate and altitude at which they are to be installed.” The company customizes these systems for applications like all-season restaurant patios to large-scale water parks and aquatic centers, private residences, hotels, resorts, banquet halls, outdoor restaurants, golf shelters, airport hangars, site offices, industrial warehouses, pool & terrace enclosures and more.

Fully motor operated, retractable flat sliding roof is specifically designed to compliment both residential and commercial outdoor aesthetics. The roof system has been innovated with the latest weather strip technology featuring air and water tight characteristics developed to withstand all types of weather conditions. Manufactured with superior grade stainless steel and aluminum along with state-of-the-art processes, it ensures durability to protect from harsh weather elements as well as high wind pressure. During hot and humid weather, the flat roof system can be closed and air-conditioned to create the ease and comfort of the indoors and when the weather is pleasant the roof can conveniently be retracted to enjoy nature’s beauty and fresh air.

Roll-a-Roof system, particularly useful for the hospitality industry, is a 100% frame-supported, retractable roof system. It consists state-of-the-art structural engineering that avoids cables, straps, eyelets and special fabric as against the multi-tubular aluminum frame-support system with option of toughed glass or hollow polycarbonate sheets. Roll-a-Roof seals tightly at the ridge with ends that are weather-sealed to reduce air seepage. The built-in condensation gutters on all rafters and cross bars provide an added internal moisture protection and structural strength. The rolling beam, drive-tube and roof leading edge spread weight evenly over the frame thereby giving it extreme resistance against wind pressure at any given altitude. Available with sliding windows with screens and fixed or sliding doors with screen, the completely motor operated roll-a-roof system uses stainless steel hardware throughout the entire system. Owing to all these hi-end features and the endless usage possibilities, the Roll-a-Roof enclosures help earn extra revenue in any weather for commercial establishments as these installation do not require any permission from the local authorities. For example, when using this roofing system, restaurants can operate as air-conditioned, closed space and as open air enclosure when the weather is pleasant.

The sliding roof pergola offers, a more compact shade solution for terraces, verandas, roof-tops, patios of homes or commercial spaces. It can be fixed on a pre-existing structure and is available with the option of customization. The sliding roof pergola is crafted with wood tube sections and Ferrari fabric, available with manual and motorized operating systems. In addition, the aluminum tube sections run all along the roof at different intervals to give extra strength to the roof during high wind pressures, making them suitable for installation at varying altitudes.

The Giant Umbrella is another, technically advanced roof system, with a popular application in restaurant industry. Available in designs from side pole giant umbrellas, modular design semi-circular or square shapes or custom made, they are available with the wind protection screens made of aluminum and fitted with polycarbonate sheets or toughened glass, and swing doors, along with clear and semi clear blinds. These are completely weather proof, water proof and can be used in any kind of weather. In addition this shade system can be quickly assembled without a fixed base, along with an abundance of accessories such as wind protection screens and lighting/ventilation systems that can fit into any location to meet the particular needs. The system when combined with side glazing can also be air-conditioned owing to the double insulation feature.

The Tensile Gazebo is a free standing structure with geometrically shaped roof, usually without walls. Earlier a popular option as garden structure is now increasingly being used by the banquet and events industry. Crafted with solid aluminum frame and PVC coated fabric top cover, tensile gazebos are made of high quality and long lasting materials that are subjected to special treatments to increase their resistance against aggressive weather conditions. To ensure maximum adaptability, the latest modular structural design enables multiple units to be joined together and create the desired functional area.

In addition, for the real estate industry, the retractable and re-locatable fabric structure offers a versatile, durable building option for temporary or semi-permanent shelter needs. The fabric structures are engineered to meet the requirements of most building codes and standards worldwide. It provides speedy installation or relocation as an alternative to conventional construction, utilizing architectural membrane panels placed under high tension within a non-corroding aluminum substructure. The specialized high strength aluminum alloy offers exceptional adaptability and life expectancy to any size from small, medium to large and. These tensioned fabric structures are available in widths 30ft to 200ft by any length and shape. Furthermore, the insulation system enables air-conditioning thereby making them ideal for a range of arenas like hospitality & conventions, sports complexes, industrial warehouses, site offices, warehouses, industrial manufacturing sheds, trade fairs, military, ports or any place which requires a re-locatable temporary structure.

The retractable roofing system, due to its combination of aesthetic beauty with hi-end technology as well as versatility of usage is increasingly being used by the building industry. They are becoming a preferred choice of architects and designers; as such systems can be customized or modified, in keeping with the distinct requirements of the project. As Jindal puts it, “Today, the idea of retractable roofs has evolved into an avant-garde concept all owing to the host of unique features customizable as per the nature of the business, space and aesthetics.”


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