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Retrofit to improve energy efficiency

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How does an existing building update itself to current energy efficiency standards? When building a new facility, it is fairly straightforward to assess and incorporate green strategies, but the goal for most building owners today is updating existing structures.

The existing buildings can save on their air-conditioning costs substantially by installing Energy Recovery Systems which help achieve:

  • Considerable reduction in installed tonnage
  • Reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle
  • Enhanced IAQ and productivity
  • Reduced health risks

Desiccant Rotors International offers cost-effective solutions to give new life to existing equipment by installing robust energy recovery systems. DRI has the world’s largest installation base of AHRI certified 3Å Molecular Sieve Coated Wheels.

By improving the energy efficiency of the building through installation/replacement of old non-performing HVAC Systems with DRI EcoFresh Total Energy Recovery Systems, the owner can reduce energy loss, meaning less energy is required to maintain the same level of comfort inside the building – or even to increase comfort while using less energy.

Indoor Air Quality

While Energy Recovery is a mature technology in most of the world, it is still in its infancy in India. There are still many types of applications that will benefit greatly from the features offered by an Energy Recovery system. Each successful Energy Recovery Unit’s installation will create many future opportunities for contractors and engineers.

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