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Road Blockers

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Godrej Security Solutions offers a range of security solutions including the Godrej Road Blocker, Blocking Bollard and See U V8.

Road Blocker : The Electro Hydraulically operated rising step obstruction which rises above the ground on receiving the valid signal and thus prevents the unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security premises. The road blocker employs the latest in German engineering and is designed in full core steel profile construction and TESCON 4S coating ensure maximum safety against corrosion. The impact face of the blocker is reinforced with steel ribs and impact plates to transfer the mechanical force to the reinforced concrete foundation. The road blocker is physically crash tested according to pas68 standards and can withstand impact loads from 400 kN upto 5000 kN.

Blocking Bollard: The blocking bollard is Electro Hydraulically operated and available in single or multiple units with a common drive unit. The standard blocking height above the surface ranges from 600 to 850 mm. Aesthetically designed in different colours, this range of bollards is ideal for pedestrian zones in the city, fuel pumps and security purposes in front of important buildings. The bollard which is 275 X 800 mm in size is also built according to pas 68 standards.

See U V8: The See U V8 CCTV camera once connected to an intern network allows you to view live feeds of the home, office or any other place of importance. The camera gives high quality H.264 real time videos which combined with the compact ans ultra light weight design and instant email alerts ensures that you can keep a close watch on your family from anywhere in the world. The camera also comes equipped with 2x digital zoom and the option of viewing live feed or pre recorded videos.

IQ Pec: IQ Pec Intelligent Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Level IP Access Control System has an advanced true IP access with video integration client server based architecture. It is a true IP controller IQ PEC multi utility administrative software with a single Platform for access, CCTV, fire and alarm management. The system supports Biometric Technologies and has a global anti passback user friendly interface and remote access with internet browser. The system is web enabled, has a visitor track system and guard tour system. It can be powered over Ethernet, is equipped with real time intrusion alarm and event monitoring, has car park access control and time attendance system.


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