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Robotic furniture developed by MIT

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MIT in partnership with Yves Behar has solved one of the key problems of living in small spaces in an extraordinary way which can turn the space into a bedroom or living room at the touch of a button. Meet Ori – the robotic furniture. Ori is not your typical furniture – it’s a living and breathing home within a home. One can simply wake up and tuck their bed away to make room for a home office and then only walk two feet around the corner to access the living room.

The Ori system operates a compact module that incorporates a bed and a closet on one side, and a home office and an entertainment suite on the other. The full-height unit can shift forward and backwards to free up space on either side. When needed, a bed slides out from underneath the storage space, while a bench emerges from below the TV. Researchers from MIT’s City Home project developed the actuators, electronics and software that enable the heavy furniture to glide and shape-shift, as well as connect to other smart devices.

The system is designed for micro apartments with less than 300 square feet (28 square metres) of space, as rent in cities continues to rise and living spaces become more compact. The final design can be ordered in custom materials, finishes and colours.

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