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Case Study: Sandwich Composites Play a Major Role in Malmo Station Entrances

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As part of the Malmo (Sweden) City tunnel infra-structure project the new Triangeln station in the heart of Malmo has recently been opened. By combining all the best attributes of sandwich composites, glass and steel, the architects have created two self-supporting entrances to the station that maximize natural light and create a real feeling of spaciousness both in the entrance and the escalator areas. Such is the innovative nature of the design that natural light even filters down to the platforms some 25 metres below street level. The flowing form of the entrances can be likened to a futuristic spaceship.

Both the station entrances were produced by Gothenburg-based Skandinaviska Glassystem AB (SG) who specialize in the design and fabrication of façades and cladding systems. DIAB have worked closely with SG on several previous occasions including the development of an award-winning sandwich composite cladding system. Lightweight, high strength performance was a key requirement of the sandwich composites. In addition to being capable of supporting the weight of any maintenance crews and equipment, the sandwich components also feature hidden run-off channels for rainwater.

The sandwich composite elements were based on Divinycell P, DIAB’s recyclable, thermoplastic foam. Divinycell P offers excellent FST (fire, smoke & toxicity) properties, a wide processing envelope and very good fatigue properties. To achieve the complexity geometry and the +/- 0.5mm tolerances that were required, the core was accurately machined to shape using a three axis CNC milling machine. Reinforcements were then applied directly to the core thereby eliminating the need for molds.

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