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Schneider Electric launches UFAD

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Schneider Electric India recently launched its first B2C product ‘Under Floor Air Distribution System’ (UFAD) system that uses the space between the structural concrete slab and the underside of a raised access floor to deliver conditioned air directly into the occupied zone of the building. This principle can be developed in different configurations, according to the customer’s needs and project requirements. The advantages of the system include saving of more than 20% of energy, no waste of space with 40% faster construction time and 100% flexibility.

Pressurized Plenum configuration consists of an air handling unit delivering air through the under floor plenum, maintaining a pressure that allows air to be delivered into the space through passive floor air diffusers. The Fan-powered air diffusers (UTCT) can be integrated in closed meeting rooms and offices where the temperature requires rapid and personalized adjustments. Whereas, in Zero-pressure configuration, the central air handling unit delivers conditioned air to the underfloor plenum, but in this case the plenum is maintained at very nearly the same pressure as the conditioned space. Active fan-powered diffusers supply the air into the occupied zone of the space.

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