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Shower Toilets

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Underlining its commitment to provide luxurious bathrooms with easy-to-use technology and innovative designs, LIXIL Water Technology, the parent company of GROHE, has introduced two new shower toilets, American Standard Aerozen and Acacia Evolution along with GROHE’s Sensia Collection. These shower toilets have not only helped to raise the bar for hygiene and comfort but have been made specifically considering the needs of today’s modern families and future generations.

The new product ranges are eco-friendly and demonstrate the manufacturer’s leadership in the areas of technology and luxury. For instance, GROHE Sensia has four product lines Sensia® IGS, Sensia® Arena, Sensia® Premo and Sensia® CBS. Each one of them has the ability to take comfort and body hygiene to a luxurious and personalised-new level. It is equipped with a remote-control touchscreen and the functions are identified by clear and largely self-explanatory symbols on all buttons as well as on the touchscreen.

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