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Siemens-Walk the talk

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Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) forms an important part of Siemens ‘Environmental Sustainability’ initiative globally. In India too, the company plans to implement this programme in all its self-owned buildings. Leading the way and setting an example is the Siemens India headquarters located in Mumbai.

The Siemens head office built in year 1985 at Worli, Mumbai comprises two office buildings. Building-1 has Ground + five floors with attached three floors pavilion building and Building-2 that has Ground + three floors. The buildings with current occupancy capacity of around 1400 persons were renovated in year 2008. Subsequently an Energy Efficiency Programme was implemented in 2010-11 by Siemens Real Estate (SRE) wherein the buildings were retrofitted with latest green building systems provided by Siemens Building Technologies division. The focus areas of facility improvement measures included, improving of HVAC and lighting systems across the building premises and providing solutions to reduce electricity wastage and consumption during peak hours.

HVAC efficiency was achieved by:

• Replacing five Chilled water pumps with new energy efficient pumps

• Installing five nos. of VFDs for Chilled water pumps with feedback control

• Installing 31of VFDs for AHUs

• Replacing existing split A/c system with the Centralised system (6 locations)

• Using solar heat coating for roof of Building-1

Optimized lighting system was accomplished by:

• Installing local PLC Based Control for floor Lighting

(5 floors).

• Replacing 235 nos. of Halogen lamps 35 (W) With LED lamps (5W).

• Substituting 19 nos. of street lights 125W with LED lamps 48W.

• Switching of 500 nos. of T8 Lamps with Energy efficient T5 lamps.

In addition, measures like installation of BMS to improve the control of air- conditioning in the building and setting up of Demand Controller to balance the peak demand with contract demand enabled energy maximization. Briefing on the, Satishkumar Verma, General Manager, Quality Management SRE, says, “Siemens Infrastructure & Cities (IC) – Building Technologies division carried out a complete energy audit of the existing building followed by the retrofitting of the premises and installation of Siemens energy efficiency products. Some of the qualitative achievements observed after renovations were sustainable annual savings due to energy efficiency, reduction in maintenance cost and enhancement of the quality of work environment for the occupants.”

However, the most important element of the energy conservation methods employed at Siemens headquarters is the energy efficiency monitoring system. The building has been connected to a web based platform which collects data from the meters on real time basis. Siemens energy expert monitor the buildings energy and operational statistics, detect how much energy is consumed in which part of the building during any given demand interval and set alarms on the maximum demand level.

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