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SINAMICS V20 inverter

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Siemens Ltd has launched the Sinamics V20 inverter, a new variable frequency drive for basic applications. Easy to use and cost-effective, the inverter is designed to perform simple drive tasks and is available in four sizes. It covers the power range from 0.12 to 15 kW. The compact inverters can be connected directly in line, or alternatively mounted as a push-through installation in addition to the conventional wall-mounting method. With an in- built interface display, also known as the Basic Operator Panel (BOP), the inverter enables easy on-site commissioning and operations. Further, it has simple menu driven steps from power up till motor run.

The SINAMICS V20 comes with an integrated energy savings function that substantially reduces energy consumption up to 60% depending on application and machine-type. The new inverter is equipped with an energy-optimized control mode (ECO Mode) for increased energy efficiency, which automatically adapts the magnetic flux in the motor to the prevailing operating point.

Pre-built connection and application macros facilitate application-specific settings which enable quick commissioning and maximum performance. Features such as wider voltage range, better cooling design and coated PCB increase the robustness of the inverter and ensure reliability even in harsh industrial environments. Being a rugged inverter, it can sustain operating temperature of up to 60OCelsius.

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