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Café Gaze bo: Sited by a rain water holding pond

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Clover Green is a 200 acre Golf Course development on the outskirts of Bangalore. After some time of its functioning, the management felt the need for a recreation space for the players with a café, toilets and a shaded place for hanging out, and the structure had to be completed soon. Ready at hand were unused shipping containers that had been used to transport golf equipment to the site. The walls and roof were made of strong corrugated steel, and the wooden floors were naturally very well seasoned. With a minimum amount of repairs, these appeared to be ideal for housing the requirements.

Three containers were mounted on concrete stilts by a man-made lake and converted into men’s toilets, ladies’ toilets along with a room for golf instructor, and a kitchenette for the café.

  • The strong corrugated steel pieces that were cut from the container itself were salvaged for use in their remodelling. A protective roof of thatch held in place with fishing nets was built in order to reduce heat ingress, using local materials and skilled labour.
  • The elevated position of the site and the windy conditions were exploited to further ventilate the structures passively with vertical turbine ventilators.
  • The area is detached from the grid and hence uses solar water heaters and photovoltaic cells for most of the lighting.
  • The immediate surroundings have been landscaped with low-maintenance indigenous plants.
  • Collected water from the holding pond is supplied to the toilets, kitchen and landscaping.

Solar panels are required to be mounted at an angle of 24.5o facing S/ SW (in the northern hemisphere) in order to receive the maximum intensity of the sun’s light at any given time. This determined the design of overhangs and frames for top-hung windows.

Vertical Turbine Ventilators do not use electricity, but require only a slight draft to rotate the ventilator which creates suction and makes air circulate through the interior. This is enhanced by convective thermal currents. The site, being situated at a higher elevation with a constant breeze blowing, was ideal for their use.


Location: Clover Green Golf Course, Bengaluru

Design Team: Sharukh Mistry, Sunanda A.J.R.

Client: cLOVEr green golf course

Project Cost: 9,76,635/-

Materials: Existing containers eucalyptus poles thatch (locally available) and fish net corrugated steel decking sheet cement pipes vertical turbine ventilators sadarhalli granite, Kadapa stone plywood.

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