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Smart Automation Solutions

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BuildTrack’s Integrated Building Management System enables productive management of Built environment

K.C. Johnson
Head of Automation

BuildTrackBuildTrack, a leader in Smart Automation for homes, enterprises, hotels, hospitals, senior living, energy efficiency and integrated building management systems (IBMS) is the winner of the prestigious 2018 Award from Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) as India’s No.1 Smart Automation and IoT Company of the year. The awards are given to the best technology solutions in various fields and to any brand/organization that has successfully propagated smart device technology to optimize processes and make people’s life easier.

The core of all BuildTrack solutions are based on the ‘Internet of Things’ technology, coupled with innovative extensions that enable the products to be functional locally without Internet for circumstances where internet connectivity may be unavailable or intermittent.

The Smart Automation Summit 2017, hosted by Buildtrack in Navi Mumbai, aimed to share the various state of the art developments in Smart Automation and ‘Internet of Things’ along with the solutions that that these technologies could deliver. Chaired by Architect Hiten Sethi, (who has designed structures like IIT Trichy, the L&T Grand Central, Seawoods, and NMMC headquarters) the summit was attended by over 100 leading Architects and Interior Designers. Sethi spoke about how automation is gaining rapid popularity amongst homeowners and highlighted the challenges in bringing automation into the newer buildings. One such challenge is the integration of disparate sources of automation into a single interface for the user. There is also a need to replace imported solutions with Indian products, to suit the local conditions better and more importantly to facilitate the ongoing maintenance needed to keep the solutions operational.

BuildTrack Head of Automation- K.C. Johnson stated that automation solutions need to be able to operate in individual homes, but that critical safety and security aspects of these solutions need to be networked together at the level of campuses and townships to ensure rapid responsiveness to critical events. BuildTrack presented some of the latest solutions in using Smart Automation and ‘Internet of Things’ and offered guests an opportunity for hands on interaction with their latest wired and wireless technologies.

BuildTrack’s solutions deliver Safety, Security, Sustainability, Comfort, Convenience and Operational Productivity. The company manufactures its own line of sensors, controllers, switch nodes, cloud services, smart apps and more to deliver a number of reliable wired and wireless automation solutions for homes, offices, buildings, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, corporations, IBMS and for Energy Efficiency.

Speaking to Buildotech, Johnson said, “ Our products are designed, developed indigenous & made in India and we offer the broadest set of solution offerings that are competitively positioned relative to global brands”. BuildTrack’s customers include some of the finest, Corporations, Builders, Developers, Institutions and Individual homeowners. BuildTrack’s Energy Efficiency solutions have received the CII award for ‘Most Innovative Energy Saving Product’ and enable ZERO energy wastage. BuildTrack’s Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) is unique in providing a single framework for controlling and monitoring buildings and therefore enable productive management of Residential or Commercial Buildings/Campuses. BuildTrack’s IoT products have been safety certified by IEC.

Monitoring and Control are two essential aspects of managing most properties, assets or processes. Monitoring is needed for things as basic as safety monitoring (fire, gas leak) or security monitoring (intrusion, panic) or status monitoring (liquid level in tank, amount of power consumed) or visual surveillance (cameras). Control is needed to alter the state of any device or appliance that uses power such as lighting, fans, air-conditioning or for industrial uses such as equipment or asset control or flow or control of entry/exit (access control) and more. Both monitoring and control are essential parts of most business and daily work processes in any residential or commercial setting. The BuildTrack framework of hardware and software products enable users the ability to automate these aspects and provide remote access to achieve this. BuildTrack achieves this through a combination of a range of sensors, relay nodes, controllers, servers, wireless or wired networking and connectivity between these elements and apps that support critical business process aspects.

BuildTrack successfully serves some of the largest Builders, Corporations and Public Institutions in India with our solutions few of which includes: Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, General Motors Factories, Ultratech, Bridgestone, Lokhandwala, Transcon, Puraniks, Kalpataru, Hotel Ambience, Empower Shipping and many private homes across India.

Buildtrack products and solutions being designed, developed and manufactured in India and able to operate under the rigorous Indian operating conditions that include power fluctuations, dis-continuous internet access, inability to alter existing wiring and switches etc.



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